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Fan Report on Robert Pattinson Encounter in France

    I look up to see him walking in, in his fitted tux, no tie, a couple of buttons on his shirt undone, looking absolutely delicious. He's walking like he's on a runway, a far cry from his usual "please don't look at me" gait with slumped shoulders and a ducked head. Methinks that every once in a while, Mr. Pattinson enjoys kicking the wardrobe up a notch - and I'm not complaining.

    I should probably explain that I'm a fan. A very enthusiastic RPattz fan. While Lainey swears that outwardly I remained cool, I felt my heart rate triple at that moment. And suddenly I was wide awake. He took a seat at a table opposite us, giving me a close and unrestricted view of him and, to quote Lainey, sending my loins into quiveration mode.

    So did I shamelessly ogle him for the next two hours? You bet your sweet ass I did!

    The boy is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. He chain smokes like crazy, and while I generally find that a disgusting habit, he looks ridiculously sexy doing it. In fact, he looked picture perfect every single time I glanced over at him. He was chatting animatedly with his manager and his agent, laughing and smiling, looking like a guy who was loving his life.

    At one point I was jolted out of my lust-induced haze by Lainey who asked me if I was going to, and I quote, "man up and bring it?" I could only reply to her smug little challenge with a death glare because honestly, short of flashing him my boob, what was I supposed to do? The Du Cap is definitely not the place to approach your favourite star like a raging fanatic. And I'm guessing they wouldn't take too kindly to a flasher either.

    Eventually, Emile Hirsch walked in with his girlfriend and another good looking girl. They greeted Rob and he - get this - looked shy and stared down alternately at the table or at his management team. It was pretty cute actually. What I didn't find cute was the way Emile greeted Rob - it was a condescending "heyyyyy buddyyyyyyy" and then he proceeded to poach one of Rob's smokes. It was interesting to observe the difference between these two young actors. Emile walked in muttering something about kicking someone's ass and then loudly gave his pointed opinions on various topics. Rob conversed with him but wasn't nearly as biting or cocky. I'm not saying he doesn't have an edge - I overheard him make some sarcastic remarks and he does love dropping the F-bomb (with that British accent - HOT!) , but overall, he comes across as a much nicer guy.

    Source: Lainey Gossip

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Fan Report on Robert Pattinson Encounter in France

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