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Eclipse Director David Slade on Twilight - “Just Shoot Me”

    Is Eclipse director David Slade mocking the Twilight Franchise? Well according to SlashFilm.com and his audio interview with BDK movie show on WJFK, it seems like he is. Read the article below from SlashFilm.com
    When Peter compiled his epic and useful list of directors, actors and screenwriters plugged into Twitter, one of those included was Hard Candyman David Slade. Today, however, it seems like Slade’s Twitter account has been deleted, which is a crying shame. Besides the loss of an interesting tweeter, another of the reasons this is unfortunate is that the deletion covers Slade’s tracks a little and hides a rather amusing little attack he launched on the Twilight franchise.

    That being the very same Twilight franchise Slade has subsequently signed up to, and for which he will be directing the third installment, Eclipse. Oops.

    So, the original Tweet might be gone but after the break we have audio of Slade ripping into Twilight and, if nothing else, its quite funny stuff… and I can’t help wondering what Summit Entertainment, the Twilight cast and Stephenie Meyer think about it? Click here to listen to the Audio inteview

    Source: \Film.com

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Eclipse Director David Slade on Twilight - “Just Shoot Me”

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