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HitFix to visit the set of New Moon

    HitFix is just about ready to visit the set of "New Moon." Probably after the ET visit on the set, every media outlet wants to get their share of exclusive footage.

    A legion of fans are going to be very envious regarding my destination tomorrow night. Having already visited the set of the original "Twilight" a year ago in the wilds of Oregon while I was chronicling the world of movies at MSN, I'm lucky enough to be going back-to-back as I head to Vancouver for a sneak peek of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon."

    First time around I and one other journalist got a gift that is a rarity nowadays: a 45 minute interview with a relaxed and blunter than he'll ever be again Robert Pattinson. Don't expect that to happen this time around, but, no doubt director Chris Weitz will want to share his vision for the second chapter in the "Twilight" saga. Who else will HitFix get to chat with? Unclear, but it should be a very busy day.

    Summit is smartly embargoing our stories for a bit to wet everyone's appetite, but you can follow my journey to some extent over the next few days on Twitter. Or, why not participate? This writer has purposely avoided reading any of the novels to come at the series from a strictly cinematic perspective (a decision that has worked well for the "Harry Potter" franchise). However, I'd love to know what you, the fans, would like to find out about the movie. What are you most curious about? What would you ask Chris Weitz if you could? Dakota Fanning? Or, a member of the Wolfpack?

    Source: HitFix

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HitFix to visit the set of New Moon

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