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Summit denies Kelly Clarkson's prticipation in "New Moon"

    According to Vancouver Sun, Summit Entertainment denies the rumors going around that Kelly Clarkson's song "Did You" would be added on the "New Moon" soundtrack.

    Internet talk reached fever pitch this week when a previously unreleased song from Clarkson's last album was put online. Fans reasoned that the song, Did You, would be added to the soundtrack, but execs for Summit Entertainment have denied such plans are afoot.

    For all the Twilight talk, it doesn't seem likely that either Guarini or Clarkson will find their way on to the upcoming album, the previous version of which included bands like Muse, Linkin Park, Iron and Wine, Paramore, and even lead actor Rob Pattinson.

    But they're not alone in wanting the spot. Tween icon band The Jonas Brothers is also pushing for a Twilight soundtrack nod for their songs.

    “The movie was obviously a huge success .... If they asked us to be a part of it, then that would be great.”

    Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who put together the first soundtrack, will be working again on the second. But she won't be going back to Robert Pattinson for another song - he's not interested.

    Pattinson told OK! Magazine, “I really didn’t want it to look like I was trying to cash in. Music is my back up plan.”

    Whether or not Clarkson makes the album, she remains a dedicated reader of the genre.

    Source: Vancouver Sun

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Summit denies Kelly Clarkson's prticipation in "New Moon"

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