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The Surrealist Vampire

    Elpais.com has an interview with Rob Pattinson which was translated by RobsessedPattinson.

    Before half humanity offered their veins to him, Robert Pattinson frolicked in Lorca’s arms. It’ not a Gay fantasy, but Little Ashes , the film where the bloodsucker of Twilight personifies a young Dalí. We checked how much fame has changed him.

    The mustache is not deceiving: Behind this personification of young Dalí, hides one of the most coveted specimens of today’s film industry. A year before personifying the romantic vampire of Twilight, Robert Pattinson 22, was devoted to the Mediterranean lifestyle in Barcelona. The excuse, the filming of Little Ashes, a recreation of the impossible love lived between the painter and Federico Garcia Lorca which shows us, for example, frolicking butt naked next to his friend and lover underneath the moonlight in the waters of Cadaqués. We caught him just getting off the plane in Vancouver to film New Moon the second part of the saga conceived by Stephanie Meyer.

    EP3. What attracted you about Little Ashes?

    Robert Pattinson. - That it’s and exceptional tragedy. I doubt that I can ever reach such level of tragedy in my carrier (laughs). I didn’t have any idea of who Dalí, Lorca and Buñuel where, until this film. And the more I found out about them, the more obsessed I became. Specially, with Dalí’s literary compositions. Many people don’t know this, but he was an incredible writer. I found that I had many things in common with him.

    EP3. - For example?

    R.P. – He had an enormous self-consciousness about him and how people perceived him. And he worked to manipulate this. It’s something I did throughout my childhood and teenage years.

    EP3. - Dalí came out to be a vampire also. What have the casting directors seen in you to brand you like this.

    R.P.- It’s weird. During a rehearsal of this film, Marina Gatell (who interprets, Magdalena, Lorca’s inseparable friend) told me: “ You Know? You are a vampire” it was so bizarre. And now that I remember it, it’s even more bizarre( laughs).

    EP3. - And what do you think now about your first sex scenes in filming being with another guy?

    R.P.- The worst part is that they’re not romantic at all, their really traumatic experiences. More than excitement, you feel sorry for both (laughs). It was all so uncomfortable, not only because the first one we did, Javier (Beltrán, who interprets Lorca) and I had just met the day before. But because we filmed with zero intimacy, surrounded by Spanish speaking technicians, a language I didn’t understand, and they where giggling at our expense.

    EP3. - Who’s a better kisser, Javier or Kirsten (Stewart, his beloved in Twilight)?

    R.P.- Definitively, Javier (laughs).

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    Source: RobsessedPattinson

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The Surrealist Vampire

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