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Summit Entertainment Comic Con 2009 Coverage

    1:52 Stephen Johnson: Summit Panel is Live! Get ready for Astro Boy, Twilight New Moon and Sorority Row news, people! Rock and/or Roll!

    1:53 Stephen Johnson: First off: Astro Boy. This CGI treatment of a Japanese classic cartoon will inspire and delight. Do I sound like a press release?

    1:54 Stephen Johnson: Astro Boy news: Charlize Theron and Samuel L. Jackson just announced as voice talent for the film.

    1:54 Stephen Johnson: To answer a reader’s question: The Twilighters are VERY loud and have high pitched, squeaky voices!

    1:58 Stephen Johnson: Sorority Row stars take the stage. They are very attractive, including Rumer Willis… and that girl from The Hills. This movie is a remake of 1980s slasher flick The House on Sorority Roll…. It’s bad source material, but hey, who doesn’t love a slasher flick.

    1:58 Stephen Johnson: We’re checking out the trailer now… it’s got an “I Know What You Did Last Summer” vibe to it.

    2:00 Stephen Johnson: To answer some readers’ question: Sadly, there are no video feeds of these panels available. Youll have to rely on my words.

    2:00 Stephen Johnson: They are getting right to the Twilight material… The crowd is screaming like it’s the Beatles in 1964. It’s really amazing. Nothing has happened yet, though…

    2:01 Stephen Johnson: Just the mention of the word “Twilight” is enough to get people howling at the top of their lungs.

    2:01 Stephen Johnson: I’m deaf now.

    2:03 Stephen Johnson: The cast is being introduced. Kristen Stewart is here, and Robert Pattinson.

    2:05 Stephen Johnson: The director, Chris Weitz, is here.

    2:06 Stephen Johnson: Taylor Lautner talks about Jacob Black’s transformation. “He transforms mentally and emotionally, but the hardest was the physical transformation.”

    2:06 Stephen Johnson: “I hope you’re pleased when you see the results,” Lautner says. I think the fangirls will be very, very pleased.

    2:08 Stephen Johnson: Robert Pattinson says machines do his acting for him. Hmm.

    2:09 Stephen Johnson: Special treat for the fans: A clip!

    2:10 Stephen Johnson: Radio silence for the clip. Sorry.

    2:12 Stephen Johnson: Uh oh…Jacob took off his shirt in the clip and the fans went nuts-o-crazy-go-nuts.

    2:13 Stephen Johnson: Fan: Question for Robert Pattinson: Are you going to do any comedy in the future? Rob: I’m not that funny… I can look like an idiot, but I don’t know if I can be witty.

    2:15 Stephen Johnson: Fan: What part of you did you have to being out to portray you characters? Answer (Ashley Green) There’s a really intense bond that she has with her family, and I have a bond with my family, so I use that. Kristen: She’s everywhere. Talk about mood swings. But she doesn’t explain herself.

    2:16 Stephen Johnson: Taylor: I’m more like Jacob’s pre-transformation side.

    2:16 Stephen Johnson: Rob Pattison is up next, to talk about his character.

    2:17 Stephen Johnson: Pattinson: “I look a bit like him.”

    2:18 Stephen Johnson: Fan (dressed as Dracula): How can I be a better Dracula? Best question ever, but they don’t answer it. See, the questioner may have been pulling some sort of prank, and Twilight is serious business.

    2:19 Stephen Johnson: Fan to Rob: Would you ever do open-mic nights for music, ever again? Rob: Yes. I’d love to do it again. It’s good for your soul.

    2:20 Stephen Johnson: Fan: Have you seen the New Moon trailer fan reaction videos? And are you afraid? A (director) we’ve seen them, and we can’t be more pleased and tickled…some are very intense in their reactions, and I don’t want to get them mad by doing anything wrong.

    2:21 Stephen Johnson: Fan: How is filming in Portland different than Vancouver? A: (Kristen Stewart) There’s a ton more fans now than back then.

    2:23 Stephen Johnson: According to the director, there were so many fans in Italy, it became a logistical problem.

    2:24 Stephen Johnson: Fan: for Taylor, how was it filming in different weather conditions, half-naked? Taylor: It was cold. There was a day when I was only wearing jean shorts (Cheers from crowd.) It was really really cold, but I’m doing it all for you guys!

    2:25 Stephen Johnson: Fan: What was the funniest moment in filming New Moon. Director: I grew attached to having a stick on hand like Gandalf. That was the most unintentionally funny moment.

    2:28 Stephen Johnson: Fan: What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming films? Kristen: I’m excited about this intense fight scene we’re supposed to have.Taylor Lautner: The sleeping bag scene.

    2:30 Stephen Johnson: Fan: What’s it like working with a different director? How were the 2 directors different? Rob: I liked it. I was a supporting role in this one. Chris (the director) is a seemingly peaceful person, so it was smooth sailing. I knew what I wa doing in this one more than the last one.

    2:30 Stephen Johnson: Taylor: He keeps calm. We’re having a great time on set, not stressing at all.

    2:34 Stephen Johnson: Fan: Were there any injuries in filming? Chris Weitz: Kristen hurt her ankle, but ther were no deaths. I’m proud that there were no deaths… i wish I could tell you more exciting stories of injuries. I will tell you that Taylor did every single stunt he could get his hands on, except the ones the insurance companies said he couldn’t do.

    2:35 Stephen Johnson: Fan (for Ashley) How was it working with the rest of the cast? We all got along. I learned a lot from working with all the different people?

    2:36 Stephen Johnson: A fan wants to know how Taylor works out. He says he put on weight for his role, but was over-working himself burning more calorie than he took on.

    2:37 Stephen Johnson: I should point out that all questions are interupted by screams of “I love you!” and “You’re awesome!” and “wooo!” at random.

    2:38 Stephen Johnson: Robert talks about how is life has become analagous to swimming without drowning.

    2:39 Stephen Johnson: The director, Chris Weitz says his last film was, basically, messed up by the studio. Not sure what movie he means… maybe Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist?

    2:41 Stephen Johnson: I think the Twighlight: New Moon saga is coming to a close, people… but, before we wrap up, each cast member is talking about the size and scope of the new movie vs. the old one.

    2:42 Stephen Johnson: Chris Weitz: The book expands massively from the first to the second. So the key thing was to keep that all cohereent and faithful to the book. To make something grand and beautiful out of this book.

    2:42 Stephen Johnson: Rob: Edward’s who character is about restraint, so I always found it difficult to move as the character. So in the new movie, a lot of the shots are set up so that I can move as little a possible. The camera moves more often.

    2:43 Stephen Johnson: Rob: the camera movement is moer fluid in the new movie. So even the fight scene I’m in at the end is balletic.

    2:44 Stephen Johnson: Taylor: When we were making Twilight, we didn’t know the reaction we were going to get. So we’re really thankful for the reaction we got.

    2:45 Stephen Johnson: The cast here is definitely stressing that the new movie will stick close to the book. Twilight fans are notorious for stressing the importance of this!

    2:46 Stephen Johnson: Ashley says she was more comfortable in her own skin in this movie. A lot less nervous… She says the fans have really embraced them.

    2:46 Stephen Johnson: Chris Weitz is going to show another scene! The fans go insane.

    2:47 Stephen Johnson: The scene: Alice and Bella racing to save Edward. You remember that scene right?

    2:47 Stephen Johnson: First time this footage has been shown outside of the editing room,.

    2:49 Stephen Johnson: The onscreen appearance of Edward (taking off his shirt, natch, destroys all decorum and civility in the room. It’s roar of epic proportions to end the panel. The fans literally rush the stage… There is no riot, however.

    2:50 Stephen Johnson: And thus ends the Summit panel. I hope you enjoyed. Hope you liked it!!!!!!!!

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Summit Entertainment Comic Con 2009 Coverage

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