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'New Moon' Star Michael Sheen Talks 'Twilight'-Crazed Daughter And Meeting The Queen On 'Bonnie Hunt'

    You'd think with a tween daughter at home, Welsh actor Michael Sheen would have been declared a hero after landing a role in the super- hot "Twilight Saga." But when Michael stopped by "The Bonnie Hunt Show" today to talk about the series, he revealed that his 10-year-old's reaction wasn't quite what he had expected.

    "It's a sort of double edged sword though," Michael explained about his role as "New Moon" dastardly vamp Aro. "I remember when I was her age, things I was really into, the last thing I wanted was my dad being into it as well. When I first told her, we were eating some food and I said, 'Look, I'm going to be in the next film. I'm going to play Aro.' And she was lifting the food to her mouth and she froze, and I thought, 'What is she doing?' and a tear started rolling down her cheek. And I thought, 'That's nice. That's exactly the reaction I want.' And then she punched me." Of course his daughter's reaction turned from distraught to elation once she realized she'd be attending the film's big premiere.

    When Bonnie asked Michael how many times he's been questioned about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson making out on set, the actor unsurprisingly played coy, changing the subject. "Everyone worked very hard," he replied. "It was quite weird for me to be on a set where everyone is so young and beautiful. It made me feel every one of my 2,000 years." Read more

    Source: MTV

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'New Moon' Star Michael Sheen Talks 'Twilight'-Crazed Daughter And Meeting The Queen On 'Bonnie Hunt'

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