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5 Reasons Why New Moon Could be Better Than Twilight

    New characters, new conflict:

    The benefit that most sequels have is that the main characters and their relationships have already been established. This leaves the door open for deeper exploration of the story and characters as the each actor has grown into the roles. For an actor, it is all about the interpretation of a character on paper and the transfer of emotion to the screen. A novel can describe emotion, feelings, and settings but a film has to show it. In the case of New Moon, fans should feel more of what they felt from the books now that Twilight is out of the way and the story can unfold.

    In New Moon, Bella and Edward’s relationship has already been established. But, like any relationship, the introduction of secondary conflict can play an important role on the dynamics of love. Without giving too much away, beyond Edward and Bella, the impact Jacob has on the story creates simultaneous conflict. Loyalties will be put to the test while the choices of right and wrong are pitted against those of want and need. Much like a second book in a trilogy, New Moon will cut to the chase in a way fans can already identify with via new character dynamics while delving deeper into the complexities of love. Click here to read more.

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5 Reasons Why New Moon Could be Better Than Twilight

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