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"New Moon" Red Carpet Premiere Live Blog from MTV

    Here's a live blog from MTV at the "New Moon" Red Carpet premiere in L.A.

    8:04 We can now confirm: Stephanie will be here tonight!!!!

    8:01 we are taping down marks where the celebs will stand while we interview them. getting closer!

    7:54 Reporters are showing up at the E! platform next to us. Once I accidentally called Guiliana Rancic "Guiliani." She smiled warmly and said, "It happens."

    7:52 The fans just cheered for a celebrity arrival — Ryan Seacrest! He has now disappeared into his giant Lego lookalike booth.

    7:50 Our own Larry Carroll has been asked to sign a few autographs. Seriously! We all love the fans intense love for Larry. You guys rule!

    7:49 We were just told the fire marshall won't let us off our little platform while things are happening. We've worked a lot of carpets and that is a very unusual instruction. This thing is GOING TO BE CRAZY!

    7:47 Other than the increasingly sparse screams (seems like every news crew has gotten their requisite "everybody scream!" shots by now), it's the calm before the storm. SO PUMPED! This thing is gonna go off soon.

    7:45 Our handsome production manager is pretending to shoot reporter standups. He's helping one of our camera guys figure out his shot. It doesn't look nearly as weird as it sounds.

    7:42 It's surprisingly warm out still. Maybe Rob and Taylor will take their shirts off.

    7:40 red carpet placement FYI, we're between E! and MySpace. Where the real party is at.

    7:34 The soundtrack is currently cranking on the red carpet (though it's hard to tell which song is playing!) and man, is it cool. Chop Shop has been killing with music supervision ever since The OC. From Gossip Girl to 90210 to the Twilight franchise, Alex and her team know how to pick 'em!

    7:32 Director Chris Weitz's publicist just asked if we want to talk to him later. Duh!

    7:31 The Kiss FM booth looks like a giant rectangular soundproof Lego. Or a hall of mirrors at a carnival.

    7:30 Kiss FM "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" has a soundproof booth. Great idea, but aren't the deafening screams of the fans part of what makes tonight so memorable?

    7:23 Larry just introduced the crew to Kaleb Nation from TwilightGuy.com -- he's great!

    7:16 A list of the funniest (and more creative) sayings on fan posters: "kellan makes good girls go bad" ; "From Coast To Coast we love the Cullens the most!"; "I wanna be a stupid lamb" ; "traveled from florida to be dazzled" and OUR FAVORITE: "Jacob Black?I'd hit that. With a Volvo!"

    7:12 It's getting too dark to wear sunglasses. But plenty of media folks still are. You know who isn't? THE FANS. They need to see everything!!

    7:08 A fan definitely just yelled "I want to have Rob's baby!" to a news camera. And now the cameraman is having her repeat it. Again. And Again.

    7:07 Swarms of news cameras are walking up and down the carpet pointing their cameras at fans knowing it'll elicit some lively screams. Over and over and over, one after another, the cameras keep milking it and the fans don't tire. And nothing's happening yet!

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"New Moon" Red Carpet Premiere Live Blog from MTV

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