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Regis and Kelly 16th March 2010

    This morning Kristen appeared on Regis and Kelly to promote her recent movie 'The Runaways'. Being from the UK i was dying when all the tweets came up saying she was wearing leather trousers. This whole outfit was so stunning. Kristen has such beautiful legs, very few people can carry off skin tight leather stretch leggings without looking 'lumpy' (it happens to the best of us).

    Moving on Kristen wore some Juicy Couture Leggings (they are reduced right now from $895, i'll put the link in this post). I know i had a conversation with people on Twitter and we were bouncing between Juicy Couture and Members Only leggings but i think these are the right ones. Shoes wise we see the reappearance of her beloved Bally Stann Platform pumps, she really seems to be fond of these. I love these pumps because they are the kind of shoe that can go with anything you wear, like that pair of shoes in your closet you can always rely on. I have 2 defaults of her tee, they are 2 different labels so when i decide which one it is i'll slot it in. Strangely all her usual rings were missing but we did see her trusty Seiko watch on her wrist.
    After leaving Regis and Kelly Kristen changed into some more comfortable Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars and made her way to a MTV junket.

    Lastly i am aware Fallon is tonight and the Runaways premiere is tomorrow, i am so excited for the steeze. Unfortunately real life is kicking my ass so i will not be able to post for the next few days. we're probably looking at Friday. Thanks for the patience i will have these posts up as soon as i can.

    LEGGINGS LINK: http://www.juicycouture.com/shoponline/search/results/prodT28CK?q=leggings&i=1

    CHEAPER LEGGINGS LINK: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod47800002&parentId=cat316907&masterId=&index=2&cmCat=cat000000cat205700cat205900cat322307cat316907

    Juicy Couture Leggings

    Bally Stann Platform Pumps

    Seiko Watch

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars


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Regis and Kelly 16th March 2010

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