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What do you want to see Kristen wearing?

    Okay so i want to get you guys a little more involved in the blog, the Kristen drought seems like a good place to start since i'll have time to do this.

    Do you have an outfit you want to see Kristen in? I mean anything, shoes, dresses, jeans whatever you wish send me pictures. I'm going to put together something to show all these outfits if enough people send me stuff. I have recently made a Polyvore account which is fun for making up fantasy outfits.......... you could send me the link to a set you made and i'll save it. If you have a picture twitpic it to me and i'll save it along with your name. Send me link to websites, net a porter is a great website for items.

    I'll do this in 3 categories - Casual, Red Carpet and Photoshoot (i'll sub categorise into sets, trousers, shoes ect). I really think this would be fun to get involved in so please send me anything you wish, can't wait to see some of your 'looks' for her.

    You have till midnight Saturday 27th March to send me your choices and i'll start posting in blocks of 10 per day, every day.

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What do you want to see Kristen wearing?

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