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Anna Kendrick Compares Robert Pattinson and George Clooney

    In a recent interview with Reel Empire, Anna Kendrick compared her Rob Pattinson and George Clooney and the fan hysteria around Rob.

    Lucky lady Anna Kendrick has had the opportunity to work with today's hottest hunks Robert Pattinson and George Clooney. It's only natural for a gal who has seen her fair share of hysteria surrounding these two heartthrobs to compare the intensity of female adoration.

    The up and coming star told Reel Empire "From what I've seen they get different sides of it [attention]. Rob gets a lot of screaming and a lot of prying and a lot of really, really intense praise, which doesn't necessarily feel good when it's coming from this hysterical place. "

    Anna went on to say, "Then I see people come to George and because he's so established, some people try [to] trick him into saying something. And that's interesting to watch him sidestep that stuff so gracefully and never lose his cool. I don't know how he does that."

    When asked who has more hysteria surrounding them, the answer was no surprise- Rob Pattinson!

    "I've never seen anything like it. Yesterday, people were asking me [at the Up in the Air premiere with Clooney], 'Could you believe how crazy this premiere is?' and I was like, you ain't seen nothing."

    The Rob-mania has even caused the young starlet to fear for our favorite vamp's safety!

    At Comic Con "We were in small theaters, and there were no barriers. I was just thinking, they're feet away, and he's standing right next to me. This kid is going to lose an eye right next to me."

    I'm not embarrassed to admit that should I see Rob Pattinson I will, without hesitation, start screaming hysterically. Sadly, I will morph into a twelve year old girl and will undoubtedly end up in jail on charges of disturbing the peace. I won't be able to help it- he's just so darn cute!

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Anna Kendrick Compares Robert Pattinson and George Clooney

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