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Crazy brazilian stalker story from an actual magazine

    15.10 The Atrevida team has the idea of have me staying at the Grand Hyatt hotel, where the stars would give interviews over the weekend. My mission was to be very close to the couple snd get pictures and exclusive videos. What do I say to this?

    16:34 Besides being a fan of the saga, I would be staying in a five star hotel, a whole weekend, following Kris and Taylor! The room reservation is made.

    13.05 is “the day”! Before leaving home for the hotel, I see a site that says Kristen boarded the Los Angeles airport on Saturday night. She should be landing in São Paulo. Adrenaline rush!

    14h I arrive to the hotel … I’m wearing normal clothes and I carry a bag, dressed like an executive. I do not want any security suspect that I am here to hunt vampires and werewolves (laughs). In front of the hotel there’s more than 30 screaming fans. But that’s no guarantee of anything, because I have to learn that perhaps they will stay in separate hotels to mislead the fans. I’m worried.

    14:13 I check in, and ask for the receptionist if she knew about the commotion outside the hotel. She said it was because they were hosting a couple of famous stars. Yes! Now I am more relaxed: the wolf and the vampire are here!

    14:20 I leave my bag in the room and go down to the pool with a folder – inside it I carry my laptop and my notebook-diary. I’m also carrying a camera/phone, if the moment requires some discretion.

    14:25 The pool is full. But no or Kris Taylor. I look at the tables outside the restaurant and…

    14:28 OMG! I think I stopped breathing… Kristen is sitting opposite me, eating salad! I have no doubt about it: pale skin and messy hair. I’m not believing it, it was too “easy”. Dude, THAT’S -SUR-RE-AL! The security staff it is looking at me, I think I was not very discreet … My legs are trembling, I need to sit … and shoot pictures!

    14:30 I’m on the table in front of Kris. It was the best place I could find. I sat inside the restaurant. Between us there is a glass window, a curtain of shades, and some people who are following the diva. The security has stopped looking at me, but there are eight security guards around the actress. I’ll order something to eat while I record everything I see. John (her agent) is talking to her. He offers guaraná for Kris, and she accepts! Folks, I’m seeing Bella Swan eating salad and cookie cod, and drinking guaraná! Will call the editorial office and tell everything!

    14:36 One of the women who are following the actress makes a request to the waiter, and he gets it. I take my first picture. A security guard is coming towards me, and is looking at my camera … Dammit! I’ll put it in the folder and expect him to be distracted. He left. I take pictures of Kris with my phone. Great! I got my first photo!

    14:40 She gets up from the table to get some sun near a garden. It is very hot, and I don’t know how she can stay in this sun while wearing a black sweatshirt. She lights a cigarette. The waiter returns with coconut water for everyone. She throws the cigarette out and sits at the table. She smiles, after the first sip. Must be cold and delicious! Where’s Taylor? Is he having to lunch in his room? I take a stroll by the pool.

    15h Some girls are on duty here. All are looking at Kristen. I think they are also staying at the hotel … (Just to remind you: the daily cheapest costs $ 600!)

    15:30 Wow! Taylor appears out of nowhere to talk to Kris! He’s wearing a shirt and sunglasses. When one of the fans recognize them, she points and yells at him. The wolf runs off to safety to the elevator. Get back here! No one got a picture of him. Kris gets up and calls the fans, to sign autographs and pose for photos! It is now that I’ll take more pics of her.

    15:34 I’m among six fans and eight security guards. Kristen is smiling a lot, and talking to all the fans. One of them has the New Moon book and ask her to sign it (definitely Kris is thenicest celebrity I’ve ever met!). She takes off her sunglasses to take photos with the fans! How cute! The fans are kind of shy, it’s very funny. But I’m also very nervous. I’m taking as many pictures as possible. Now, I’ll make a video of Kris with the fans. One of the security guys will not stop sticking his hand in front of my camera. Get out of here, let me be happy!

    15.40 The security guards are asking us to let Kris leave. She goes back to her room. I am amazed by her warmth and beauty. She said “Thank you” to us, nobody said anything, everyone is speechless. Her skin is beautiful, her eye color is the most amazing thing: a mix of green and blue … That afternoon was the craziest! Now she is waiting for the elevator, puts an unlit cigarette in the corner of her mouth, and enters the elevator. She gives a bye-bye to us. I’ll be on duty in the corridors of the hotel.

    19h It’s already dusk, and Kris and Tay remain in their rooms. A maid tells me that the 20th floor is closed just for them. Inset: the two are in a presidential suite, and each one costs $ 10 thousand, daily! Here are six elevators for guests, and one is scheduled only for Kris Taylor and use. They are too powerful! I’ll try to get them to walk the stairs.

    19.20 It doesn’t work. I run into a security guard, and I have to go back.

    23:13 I have just discovered that there’s some sort of celebration among the actors and crew that is following the pair. They all went to a steakhouse. A photo of Taylor with the waiters from the grill was released later. Envy! I even saw them leaving the hotel! Later that night, “my friend maid” says the two have returned from dinner and went to sleep.

    02h It’s dawn and I’m out here. There’s more than 50 fans camping outside the hotel. There are people from everywhere: Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná. Now I need some sleep …

    07h I go get some breakfast. It’s amazing how many fans are staying at the hotel. Paying to be able to stay close to the couple. Today there are over 30! An official here says there were tons more rooms for reservations after a post in a fan blog said they really were staying here.

    11h John, Kristen’s agent, is waiting for the elevator in the lobby. All fans recognize him. I run to photograph the encounter. He’s even nicer than Kris! He takes gifts from fans to deliver to the actors. The mother of one of the fans is the translator of the crowd in conversation with the agent.

    12h I just find the reporter of Atrevida, Marina Oliveira. She is waiting for the moment to interview Kris (alone!). The photographer Atrê, Luciano Munhoz, is showing me the pictures he just took of the actors. They were beautiful, they are very stylish!

    15.30 I’m nervous! I’m waiting for Kris and Taylor leave the conference in front of the treadmills and suddenly I see some 100 fans out there, coming through the glass wall of the hotel! They can break through the blockade of securities, and are trying to break into the lobby … what a madness! The guards are blocking the doors of the hotel with great effort, because they really want to get in. Suddenly, here comes the personal security of Kristen. She has a face of panic and anger. I think the pair will not be coming down the stairs … what a shame!

    16h The double doors are sealed. The police and fire departments need to use a megaphone to remove the “twilovers” out of there. Tense … The security team of Kris are yelling at the other guards. They will change the whole scheme to protect the stars.

    18h Meeting Marina again. We celebrated her meeting with Kris, and toast with ginger ale! Now I go to the parking lot, waiting for the stars come out to leave to the airport.

    21h Bye, Kris, bye, Taylor! Their car has just left the hotel. Along with more than 50 fans, I say goodbye to the pair. There are so many flashes, I could see the actress trying to hide behind the bench. She’s looking tired but happy. Good! This was a weekend full of emotions! Like Kris, I also have a tired but happy face.

    Source: TwilightPoison

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Crazy brazilian stalker story from an actual magazine

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