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Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Revelations of Twilight

    Kristen and Rob had an interview with a French Magazine called Femina last December 29, 2008. It's a rough translation so please bear with me. What they said in this interview is pretty interesting and too good to pass.

    This is the new couple of the American movie. Considered already as the new James Dean, Robert Pattinson is the new star of Hollywood thanks to the film phenomenon "Twilight". As for his partner on screen, Kristen Stewart, this one collects at present all the covers of the magazines. We met them. Of our correspondent to Hollywood: Marc Brown

    Twilight" is a huge success to the United States. How did this role arrive in your hands and you prepare yourself to such a success?

    Robert Pattison: "I lived to London. To be honest, I did not think really to my career of actor. I had decided to put it totally in nightlight for I a lot too had been disappointed by this trade. I was in only concentrated fact in my career of musician. My American agent asked me to come to Hollywood in order to pass hearing of which the one for "Twilight". I not at all expected to unhook this role and again less to live such a success."

    Kristen Stewart: "One talked about me this project but at the start I did not know absolutely anything. Before playing in the film, I never had heard about the book. I have therefore decided to read it when one proposed me to turn in the long measurement. With the passing of the pages, I fell in admiration for this unbelievable history of love. I consider myself as an extremely lucky person. I began this very young trade but I never was at the research of a cubicle office. This is the first time that I play in a film that meets such a success. I take therefore my time to appreciate all this turmoil and I test a real pride to be part of the casting of this long measurement."

    Why is it existing again aujourd’hui such a fascination for the films of vampires?

    Robert: "For me, "Twilight" is not a film of vampires. You know, I never was attracted by the vampirisme and I have not besides never really looked at a film on the vampires. The only films that I like are those of Godard! I think that "Twilight" is before all a film on love. This is the reason I wanted to all price to give to my personage a more human side."

    Kristen: "I am completely agreed with Robert. I do not think that it is a matter of a pure film on the vampires. "Twilight" is a lot more than that! This is a long measurement on the passion, on the human beings usually that tear and like themselves. The feelings play an extremely important role in this film. This is besides the reason the women a lot will appreciate this long measurement."

    While talking about love, you became the darlings of Hollywood. are your hearts to be taken? (are your hearts free)?

    Kristen: "I am single. Since that I am five years old, I fall crazily in love with the boys that I meet! (Laugh) For my party, as soon as love is in question, it exists automatically an obsessional feeling. As Bella, I am naïve but I have not fear of love."

    Robert: "I am single and open to all proposals! (Laughs) so far, I was not lucky in love. I began taking courses of comedy only because I had fallen in love with a girl that wanted to become actress. It is necessary for me ten years for him to speak and she never was interested by me. In love, I hope to have more luck in the future."

    Source: Femina

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Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Revelations of Twilight

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