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Rob and Kristen "So on Board" for Breaking Dawn Double-Feature

    According to Ted Casablanca of E! online, Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are so on board on making "Breaking Dawn" into two movies. It's just a matter of how much will it be since they only signed in for 4 movies.

    Variety reported last night that Summit was tempted to go the "two-film route" when deciding how to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen.

    Uh, darlings, such old news, really. Summit is more than tempted. Making B.D. two movies is the game plan as of now.

    The fourth flick has been in the works for a while. After ensuring that the main cast would be back for Twilight 4, Summit asked Melissa Rosenberg to pen the script for B.D. in September, to which she obviously agreed.

    Once execs realized Twilight fever wasn't dying down anytime soon, they decided to swipe a move from Harry Potter: Why Not Make It Two Scripts? It's an idea that's been going back and forth over at Summit for a while.

    So will the suits ever officially announce this so we can stop having to reassure all you Twi lovers that Robsten will be in it for the long haul—onscreen, too?

    Says Deep Twi:

    "Nothing official yet, but knowing Summit [the announcement] will be soon with the giant success of New Moon. Why would they not stretch it out and make as much money as possible from this franchise?"

    As to Robsten's future in all this?

    "They are so on board, still," promises another member of Team Deep Twi. "But the money has to be right. If it is, it'll happen—especially now that [Rob and Kristen] are learning better how to handle the press."

    Uh, not sure I agree with that last statement. As it's the press who seem to be learning how better to handle Robsten, if you ask us.

    Even though the main Twilight players only agreed to a fourth movie, they will be down for a fifth. Not just because Summit basically owns their asses and they wouldn't totally have a choice, but because it's pretty much guaranteed Robert, Kristen and Taylor Lautner will be getting a big pay raise.

    Like one of our Summit insiders told us a while back, they just tell Robsten & Co. to count their millions when they get fame frustrated.

    Getting New Moon director Chris Weitz back would probably be the biggest obstacle. Remember, Summit and the cast l-o-v-e-d him, and they all want him to direct again. Chris told us he'd be stupid not to do Breaking Dawn(s), but he wants to take a break from directing for a bit, and Summit wants to peddle these bad boys out as fast as possible 'cause the cast can't keep their fangs off each other.

    So what do you think—good news that Rob and Kristen would be contractually bound for a few more years together? Now you can see why Summit was wary at first of their leads shacking up together. Good thing Robsten is doing better than fine! Happy stars mean more money...for everyone.

    Especially the paps.

    Source: E! online

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Rob and Kristen "So on Board" for Breaking Dawn Double-Feature

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