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Kristen at the NYC MET Ball


    So ever since Kristen left Vancouver for NYC people have been buzzing, her attendance to the MET ball was confirmed on Saturday. The whole aura and build up of the ball has been very exciting, this is a big deal people! Marchesa were hinting they may be the ones to dress Kristen, everyone wanted her and who got her? CHANEL. Karl Lagerfeld does not dress any old Hollywood riff raff and when he declares you worthy to wear his couture line AND handpicks your dress you sure as hell do not argue.

    Lets talk about the MET fashion as a whole, never have i been so disappointed by the fashion choices. This is an event where you can pull out all the stops and so many celebrities failed, in fact so much of the fashion was similar and boring. There was alot of golds/silvers/whites and lots of plain silhouettes. I wanted more colour and fashion forward designs. Thats my overall view on the red carpet i actually struggle to say anyone who stood out for me.

    Now onto Kristen this is a look you will either love or hate. (psst I did predict a gothic look)

    Kristen wears a Chanel long black taffeta and tulle embroidered gown. Lets look at the gown there are several things i like about it and several things i do not. Remember this is only my personal opinion, the comment box below is all for you guys.....be honest. First thing is first the top taffeta part of the dress is rockin, i love how she was different from the other celebs and went for a structured top. The bodice gave her curves which is difficult to do on a skinny girl. This is the positive now the negative. The train....... i do not like one bit. Yes i like the sheer idea, its youthful and sexy but i hate how the front stops at her feet, it doesn't do her legs justice. But i will say this, the dress stood out.....and was probably one of the only ones to do so all night plus it looked better in motion and from the back. Her hair is another matter and this may be one of the elements of this look that brings the whole outfit down. You have a girl with a tiny body so do not slick her hair back like that, it does not work. The hair would have looked better swept up or down and slightly wavy. As for the make up..........flawless.

    Her shoes are Sergio Rossi in fact you will recognise them because she has worn this style of shoe several times in the last few months. What can i say? You can never go wrong with those pumps they are sky high and compliment those legs for days. Love them. Let me tell you one thing, i girlcrush hard on Chanel quilted handbags i mean i love quilting in general it goes with almost anything and is a timeless classic. Here Kristen carries a small Chanel black box quilted clutch. There's not much to say other than i love it. Her ring is also by Chanel, it is part of their fine jewellery line and is vintage.

    I do like the look, it was a step in the right direction but i think the hair all in all tainted the whole look. But not a bad attempt for the fierce ones first MET ball. What do you think?

    Chanel Long Black Taffeta and Tulle embroidered Haute Couture Gown

    Back of Kristens dress shown in background

    Sergio Rossi Peep Toe Pumps

    Chanel Black Quilted Box Clutch

    Vintage Chanel Flower Ring

    Thanks to kstewartfans for the pictures, next stop Vogue...........anyone else notice Anna Wintour also wearing Chanel? Wonder if they are now besties, one can dream ;)

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Kristen at the NYC MET Ball

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