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Why are you a fan of Kristen? Send me your opinions!

    I've been toying with the idea of this since we did the 'dream outfits' post which will happen again in the summer some time i believe. I love having you guys involved as much as possible here and i think this will be a really nice way for you guys to talk about why YOU are a Kristen fan instead of me.

    Basically i am asking you guys to send me a little bit about why you are a Kristen fan, how you came to be one ect ect. You can write as much as you want and include pictures if you want just send me it all in an e-mail to kstewfashion@btinternet.com and i'll post them all here on this blog. Talk about anything Kristen related you want this is YOUR opinions not mine. It'll be a nice way for you guys to see your words and opinions posted here.

    Now i'll give you guys some time to do this it can be just a few sentences or paragraphs or however long you want i'll see what the response is late next week (probably around Friday). Also tell me if you want your twitter name/any other name included or if you wish to remain anonymous.

    This is something i really want as many of you guys as possible to take part in because i appreciate what every single one of you has to say. Don't be scared to send me anything because i won't bite i promise everyone is very welcome here ;) thank you so much for your ridiculous amount of support/comments/tweets/e-mails i know i am always saying thanks but i really mean it you guys are phemomenal.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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Why are you a fan of Kristen? Send me your opinions!

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