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No words..............

    Elle you tease! You can not do this to me and millions of others jeez i come home today to this? THIS? I see thigh highs! Did it get hot in here? Who else is sweating? Anyway i can NOT wait until this comes out, the hair the make up everything is perfect.

    Kristens outfit here is straight from the Runaway, its by D&G and part of their fall collection. When i saw it on the runaway i was not fond of it but the fierce one is magical and can make me sweat with her rocking it!

    D&G Fall 2010 Sweater & Shorts (Both seen here)

    Who else is excited for the full spread? I'll be here waiting for the epic steeze these next few months are sure to bring ;)

    D&G pic comes from style.com and kstewartfans for the elle pic

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No words..............

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