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The Evolution of Kristen Stewart - Special Birthday Post

    It's Kristen's 20th birthday and I'm writing a lil bit about my love for the Fierce One and all her steeze. Plenty of you have asked me why i started this blog and how i became a fan of Kristen, i hope this special post answers alot. Lets look back at the epicness that is Miss Kristen Stewart.

    I think this was the first time I really stopped and looked at Kristen; I remember so clearly this was in a fashion magazine and she was in the 'look of the week' or whatever. I was hooked from then on out. I don't know why really, I just really loved this entire look. That dress is to DIE for on her.

    This was hot in my opinion (shes knows it's hot, look at her rockin' it).

    Before then I had seen some Twilight interviews and of course who hasn't seen Panic Room? But she annoyed me with her twitchy stuttering ways (can't believe I am admitting this but stay with me here). This was around December 2008 when Twilight was everywhere in the UK (I had actually read the books before so I wanted to see the movie, I didn't like it.......lets move on). By the time I saw this in February 2009 I was hooked on Kristen.

    Leather Mini......yes please, can i have Mr. Pattinson as my arm accessory?

    At some point between Japan and New Moon filming the twitchy stuttering KStew who annoyed me became endearing. You have to really take a look at Hollywood these days, women are expected to look and act a certain way. A certain standard and code is expected to be followed which is why Hollywood beauty is looked up to (how are normal women supposed to feel when ridiculous impossible standards of beauty are set?). Kristen doesn't walk out of her home caked in make up with flawless hair everyday; girlfriend doesn't need to she's beautiful without all that and that's what makes her special. She dresses normally everyday in tees and jeans instead of heels and skirts (yes Hollywood, not everyday has to be a fashion show, we aren't all robots) and I both admire and respect that about her. Is it illegal to actually dress your age? No i don't think so. She showed up to the freakin' music awards in Converse!

    This was epic, who said high heels are needed?

    Then it happened, you must know whats coming up............right? The hair, the long Bella locks, were gone during the summer of 2009. When I first saw the hair I sat in shock, literally. Hair can't just be magically grown back and it was just soooo short and black (p.s Did they pluck her eyebrows? They look skinny...) I hated it literally I wanted to cry, go to sleep, and to wake up to a Kristen with flowing locks. I have to say I admire the fact that she was so passionate about this role that she cut all that hair off; as Joan Jett said - that shows some dedication.

    Seriously, I almost wept.

    The the most epic of all epic things that could ever happen, did (well in terms of the mullet anyways). Interview Magazine 2009..............(flatline I'm dead). This is still hands down the hottest photoshoot I have ever seen from Kristen. The stylist, the hair, the make up, it was all freakin' BADASS. This is when I loved the mullet, I mean she freakin' rocked that mullet. Can you think of anyone else that could have rocked that kind of haircut so hard? No me neither........ (p.s Joan Jett- don't kill me for calling it a mullet, it kind of looked like 1 even though you called it a shag).

    Need I even say more?

    During the Eclipse filming the mullet/shag whatever you want to call it was hidden under the erm, semi-decent Bella wig (it doesn't look so bad in the trailer, just a bit frizzy). Looking back I admire her for not taking the easy way out and sticking a bucket load of extensions in her hair; she's real, get it? No tragic Britney Spears weaves for this gal. Then New Moon promo began, I will first start off by saying I think Kristen gave me several heart attacks during the promo. Her style from the beginning of 2009 to the end of 2009.....seriously what an evolution. I'm a proud mama bear right about now.

    This happened

    Then this happened

    Uh then this happened

    (flatline) Then I died

    Then I died a little more

    p.s This was in order of epicness not date

    Dear Miss Kristen Stewart's stylist, marry me? And if not, then here's some suggestions from me on what to dress the Fierce One in next......(RIP me.)

    The steeze over the last few months has been all kids of epic, and to me this shows a young woman really coming into her own and not being afraid to take some style risks. Does she look perfect all the time? No, and that's why we love her. After New Moon promo I was sold on making a fashion blog. I just wanted a place to go to talk about the fierce ones style.

    Lets face it, this was not good

    Then she shows up looking like this only a few days later....

    Dear Kristen, I forgive you for the BAFTA's, can you and your legs marry me?

    My point to this (yes there is a point to this rambling, I think) is that not everyone is perfect all the time, but I'd rather blog about someone who takes style risks and doesn't follow the rules than someone who does. You never know whats she's going to wear, how she's going to look and on her down time she's just a normal gal like you or I, and that I respect. She can be this

    This is how normal people dress weird shoes an all

    Then she can look like this..........

    This is one of my favourite pictures, for those who know me on Twitter....you know why

    There is unfortunately some bad eggs out there, some are a little, shall we say, obsessed with Miss Kristen Stewart. Recently I've had a few 'Kristen is an ugly whore' and 'if you like her style I feel bad for you' comments (actual comments to me). All I can say to that is 'suck it haters' I'm here not because I'm obsessed but because I admire Kristen and I love her style...and that's just a little something from me to you. I never have and never will claim to know anything about her personal life (because uhhhh, I don't) so stop giving me the 'she'd hate you if she knew you comments' because quite frankly I couldn't care less.

    I'm not obsessed or am I?

    Onto happier things, today is a day of celebration and those little 'bad eggs' are completely forgotten (and very insignificant) because all of Kristen's fans come together and have a grand old day. I wonder what kind of presents she'll get from her loved ones? I've put together a few presents from me to her.....

    Maybe some dresses for the Fierce One?

    This is sex on legs........we need more Kstew back.

    A few lil accessories...

    Because every girl needs some shoes.....

    Hmmmmm, I may have gone overboard on the virtual 'shopping' for the Fierce One (I tried to stop before I went too far, forgive me).

    We're celebrating in style today because I'm sure Kristen is............wherever she may be in the world with the people she loves and cares about (that's really whats important, non?). If you're on Twitter come say hello to me and all the other people wishing our gal a Happy Birthday in style. We will cyber-toast a drink together because we are here and we are fans of this woman

    Miss Kristen Stewart

    I hope you have a wonderful day! Happy 20th love everyone here at the Kristen Stewart Fashion blog.

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The Evolution of Kristen Stewart - Special Birthday Post

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