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Kristen Out and About Vancouver, New Moon Filming

    Not really sure what date this was i just remember people going crazy at these pics, if your not a Michael Angarano fan ignore that he's in these pics. This is a Kristen fashion blog it HER i focus on in pictures so no shouting at me. I think we are all mature enough that we can be civilised, no hate. I wanted to post this look a while ago but i was kind of holding off...........oh well.

    I actually really like this look, her trousers look really comfortable and its nice to see her out in loose fitting trousers (must have been nice for her legs to allow the blood to circulate her jeans are usually so skin tight). I can't get a decent look at her tee because her zipper is up but no worries its just a plain white V-neck tee. This look is actally pretty easy to replicate if any of you are interested in doing so. Shes wearing mens trousers so if any of you have brothers or boyfriends steal their trousers and take the hem up to fit you or purchase mens trousers to fit your size. I love shopping in the mens department for tees they are great if you are going for the loose relaxed look and if you want an off the shoulder tee just buy a larger size and let it drape off one shoulder. Just a few tips from me.

    Here kristen wears Dixies Mens Work Pants in Charcoal, nice and loose and very comfy looking. She also wears her favourite EC Star 'Nuns with Guns hoodie', its like the Kristen comfort blanket and she obviously takes care of it because shes had it for years. If that was mine it would be ruined by now. I love that Kristen is a sneaker girl and she wears some bright vans and converses, i love feeling comfortable so i can relate. I personally don't get why people have a go at her for being casual, it just makes the times she dresses up more special. She wears Vans Old Skool Lo Pro Sneakers and it wouldn't be kstew without some classic sunglasses, here she wears Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses.

    Dixies Mens Work Pants in Charcoal

    EC Star Clothing "Nuns With Guns" Hoodie

    Vans Old Skool Lo Pro Sneakers

    Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses

    (These pictures were all found on google.com and are copyrighted to their original owners whoever you may be)

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Kristen Out and About Vancouver, New Moon Filming

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