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Kristens Budapest-London Travel comfort and a little Flaunt Magazine

    I was debating whether to put this up, if you follow me on twitter i informed you of what Kristen was wearing. I gave up this morning and just decided it had to be done so here i am writing this post. I want to quickly say the picture below is the only picture i'm going to post, i don't want to get into the pap pics they obviously didn't want to be spotted. I miss the steeze though so i will attempt to make out as much as i can from this grainy picture. If more HQ ones come out i will update. (See bottom of post for Flaunt Magazine details)

    So yes Kristen appears to be wearing her favourite Recession jeans....i'm like 95% sure on that one from what i can make out from the grainy picture. I love those jeans they fit like a glove, how she gets into them i will never know. Again from the grainy picture it appears she is wearing her Market Milla Boyfriend Tee in black (she wore it house hunting aswell see post here http://bit.ly/9cv6Ns). That hoodie is quite obviously her Nuns with Guns hoodie, you can tell because its older and the colour has washed out to a grey colour (ever notice that happening with your darker jeans/socks?). Her jacket now here is a debate, some people think its robs but from this picture and the Budapest pictures it is the Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Navy Bomber Jacket she wore at Sundance 2010 (notice the same white patch on the arm). As you can tell from the picture above she is wearing Adidas Samba Sneakers which you can buy most likely at any large sporting store near you. Lastly in the Budapest video when they were heading through the airport the first thing that struck me was the bright yellow on Kristens Ray Bans, she is wearing black Original Wayfarers with a yellow interior. Personally i girl crushed, i love yellow Ray Bans so the fact she has yellow in the interior makes me squee. If you want to check it out for yourself youtube the airport video and you'll see as she walks in to the airport the cameras behind her show you the yellow.

    Recession Skinny Ink Denim Jeans

    Market - Milla Boyfriend Tee (In black)

    EC Star Clothing "Nuns With Guns" Hoodie

    Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Navy Bomber Jacket (same as Sundance here is a close up of it at Sundance, notice the white strip on the arm is the same as the one in London picture)

    Adidas Samba Sneakers

    Ray Ban Original Wayfarer with Yellow Interior

    Flaunt Magazine Cover

    I also wanted to address the 'Flaunt' magazine cover, can i just first start off by saying thank you to the stylist the cover is stunning. I'm not sure i'm liking the huge hair quiff but i do like the style. I am going to wait until i see the full spread before i do a post on it so it's all in one place. I'll post pictures on my twitpic account as they come out though. I squeed slightly at the boots.......they appear to be Christian Louboutin Mesh Madame Tall Boots (look at the top of the boots in the picture below and the cover). She is also wearing pants from the Gucci Spring/Summer 2010 line. The bolero isn't my style, i do like the open front but the lace frills and sequins do not compliment the trousers/boots combo in my opinion but thats the only small glitch i see. I would have preffered a cropped leather jacket or something sheer without the frills. The bolero might have looked better without the ton of frills on the arms, it reminds me of the frills on early 1900 dresses (anyone no?). Its too feminine for the rest of the outfit but again leave your opinions i love reading them.

    Christian Louboutin Mesh Madame Tall Boots

    Gucci Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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Kristens Budapest-London Travel comfort and a little Flaunt Magazine

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