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A Twilight Saga Special: Part 1 Twilight

    This is the first of a three parter i plan on doing over the next week or so. I've been putting off posting this for a time when Kristen wasn't around much. It's a long job to do, there's alot here for you to see.

    It's strange to go back to this time when the movie came out, i can't believe the third is out soon. Feels like this fandom is still young, what will we do after Breaking Dawn? I know this is a Kristen fashion blog but as she is part of the saga i feel including movie pieces is pretty acceptable. I've also posted pieces here and there from other movies over the last few months.

    Part 2 will of course be New Moon and Part 3 will be Eclipse pieces so look out for them. I'll alert you on Twitter when they are posted. I also have a few other looks i'll pull out for the Kristen absence, i think i'm doing a good job keeping you entertained so far...........what do you think?

    I'll stop talking and begin now. Okay lets start right at the basics, the cafeteria scene! Kristen/Bella wore this Joie Harmony B Embroidered Top in Caviar/Porcelain (link here:http://bit.ly/biVqGU )

    Joie Harmony B Embroidered Top in Caviar/Porcelain

    I believe this was a deleated scene, am i correct? If not feel free to correct me. Here Kristen wears a BDG Sage Tank Top (link:http://bit.ly/bwW0p8 ) and some Alternative Apparel Crop Knit Pants.

    BDG Sage Tank

    Alternative Apparel Crop Knit Pants

    I love these pictures, Kristen really captured the look of Bella i feel. A look was established in the first movie for Bella, it almost looks like she has a vintage style. Here she wears a Betsey Johnson Embroidered Peasant Blouse (link: http://bit.ly/aa0nb6) and some AG Adriano Cords (link: http://bit.ly/bM498h)

    Betsey Johnson Embroidered Peasant Blouse

    AG Adriano The Angel Cords

    It's be so long sonce i've watched this movie, i think she wears these when she and edward are heading out to play some vampire baseball. Here she wears the most amazing UGG Adirondack Boots. I love them btw they were a must post!

    UGG Adirondack Boots

    This was from when Bella and Edward had a conversation about vampires i think..... i wish these pictures would talk and tell me whats going on. She also wears a Patagonia Rubicon Puff Insulated Ski Jacket with some 'Bella' Mittens.

    Patagonia Rubicon Puff Insulated Ski Jacket

    'Bella' Mittens

    Awwww the Bella prom dress............this was a cute look. This dress was a Max & Cleo Silk Halter Dress in blue. I liked the halter neck on Kristen, very flattering.

    Max & Cleo Silk Halter Dress (In Blue)

    Second last look i'm going to do is the famous The Twilight Bella Jacket in Lake Blue
    Women's Jackets By Jack BB Dakota (link: http://bit.ly/dyU4fC )

    BB Dakota 'Bella' Jacket

    Last look and i think this is a nice way to end this post is the 'Bella' Jewellery! Lets begin with the Bella's Turquoise Bracelet - this is by far my favourite piece of jewellery. I'm a sucker for vintage style pieces.

    Bella Turquoise Bracelet

    Next there is of course the St Jude bracelet (thanks for the commentor who corrected this for me, i did this post at like midnight yesterday so forgive my sleepy mistakes)which i love aswell, i believe you can easily purchase replicas for pretty cheap on ebay so if you want one check it out.

    St Jude Bracelet

    She also wears a Wood and Blue Bead Bracelet in these pictures aswell.

    Wood and Blue Bead Bracelet

    There's also the Bella Moonstone ring which Kristen stole from set, she wears that ring everywhere. You can also get replicas out there of this ring. Its beautiful and very classic.

    Bella Moonstone Ring

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A Twilight Saga Special: Part 1 Twilight

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