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FHMs Sexiest Women

    I'm sorry this had to be posted, literally i was just told Kristen has made 6th place in FHMs 'Sexiest Women' list. She is the highest new entry..........................all i can say is about time. It's nice to see you don't have t0 have surgery, fake hair long nails and a fake tan to be recognised as sexy. I'd like to think Kristen is a different kind of beauty, she just oozes natural sex appeal without wearing almost nothing and dressing up. She walks around in her jeans, her hair messy and in a baggy tee i love that she doesn't pretend to be someone shes not.

    *sigh* that skin, such a natural beauty without even trying

    Alot of people are influenced by people around them telling them what they should look like, all i can say is it's about time real women were recognised for what they are - true beauties.

    A title well deserved don't you think ?

    Never have Converse and bitchfacing been so sexy, i'll leave you with that ;)

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FHMs Sexiest Women

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