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A Twilight Saga Special: Part 2 New Moon

    Here is the second part of my Twilight Saga Bella post. I don't think the third will be up until the weekend due to my work load and i'm putting together a few things for Kristens birthday post. I have a few things that will be happening that day over here so make sure you check it out............it's gonna be a good one!

    Now i'm not sure about you guys but the New Moon 'Bella' look was my personal favourite. Its showed a great progression from the Twilight 'Bella', she looks a little older, more beautiful and less vunerable. Eclipse appears almost darker but we'll talk about that more when i do the Eclipse post.

    On an extra note i was informed this morning that my Twitter has over 1000 followers............ thats insane! Thank you very much if you do follow me (i'm aware i talk crap) and if you do don't be shy come out and talk to me on Twitter anytime! I love chatting to you guys!

    First item here is a G-star Cargo Bomber Jacket, did you know Jackson wore this jacket in the first movie?........If my memory is correct it was when he and Alice were in the hotel with Bella. Edward also wore one aswell in the first movie, when he talks to Bella in the hospital, just a little extra in case you wanted to know. I wonder if they keep costumes and re-wear them.....

    G-star Cargo Bomber Jacket

    Next is the beautiful Bella promotional pictures, she wore a Hollister Stretch Bra Tank which is being sold on ebay for like $100 (link here: http://bit.ly/bQZzbl) i guess Bella stuff is in demand!

    Hollister Stretch Bra Tank

    Next is the Burkman Bros. Green Plaid Jacket Bella wore during the dirt bike scene with Jacob. I liked this suprisingly! I liked the colour in contrast with the brunette hair......

    Burkman Bros. Green Plaid Jacket

    Next is the Italy scene where Bella saves Edward, she wore a Band of Outsiders Cropped Cotton Oxford Cloth Shirt in a green colour (also Bellas sleeves have been rolled up more). I know the default isn't the best but it is the right shirt!

    Band of Outsiders Cropped Cotton Oxford Cloth Shirt (in green)

    Here Bella wears a O'Neill Striped Sweater whilst hanging out with Jacob. Again i like this, i think the darker colours were mirroring her depression.......maybe, maybe not.

    O'Neill Striped Sweater

    I loved this top in the movie, it showed up well on screen. Purple is a beautiful colour and it complimented Bella nicely. I liked it, it was a little different from everything else she wears during the movie. Here she wears a Splendid Rugby Stripe Henley Jersey Tee.

    Splendid Rugby Stripe Henley Jersey Tee

    Bella wears a Hunter Green Corduroy Jacket (available here: http://bit.ly/cxoDvh ) when she goes to the cinema with Jessica. The jacket is on sale right now so if you like it get it while you can!

    Hunter Green Corduroy Jacket

    I love the 'Bella' tops in the movies, especially the vintage type ones. Here Bella wears a Joie Signe Smocked top.

    Joie Signe Smocked top

    These Keds Champion Canvas Sneakers all the way through the movie, they were like the shoe of choice for Bella!

    Keds Champion Canvas Sneakers

    I think i'm going to end here, i didn't do all the looks but i did the main ones that stood out for me. Here Bella wears and Hot Topic designed dress with some Vans Gisele in Black Fog

    Twilight New Moon Bella Swan Green Birthday Dress (Hot Topic design)

    Vans Gisele in Black Fog

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A Twilight Saga Special: Part 2 New Moon

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