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Kristen On Oprah

    There are several collections i adore above all others such as Chanel, Elie Saab, Marchesa and Burberry Prorsum. I adore Burberry Prorsum in ways i can not express, their collections are full of tailoring and beautiful fabrics. Now what do i love more than Burberry Prorsum? Kristen in Burberry Prorsum. Lets think back to the london fashion week Burberry fall show she attended dressed in Burberry Prorsum might i add, did Miss Stewart pick this out when she saw the show? Who knows.

    Here Kristen wears a Burberry Prorsum Military Zip Sweater, it is longer than the average sweater so it can be easily worn on its own with leggings which is in fact what Kristen did. Kristen wore Juicy Couture Cropped Denim Leggings, you can buy them here http://tiny.cc/b1mg4 for $88. I love Kristen in leggings, it always takes me back to last year when she was on the Today show in a leggings/sweater combo (http://tiny.cc/q2svk).I honestly thought along with others that these shoes were Jimmy Choo! Coolspotters has identified them as Jerome C. Rousseau Borealis Platform Sandal, i'd imagine they aren't yet available and are an off the runaway design which is why they isn't really any pictures of them about yet. You'll probably see them available later on in the year, imagine getting to wear clothing months before it comes out? Now imagine its Burberry clothing.....oh yes the advantages of being Kristen Stewart! I loved that entire look, it's sophisticated yet youthful.

    Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010 Collection Military Zip Sweater

    For Burberry Prorsums Full Fall Collection See Here: http://tiny.cc/puid8

    Juicy Couture Cropped Denim Leggings

    Jerome C. Rousseau Borealis Platform Sandal

    Spotted at Coolspotters see here: http://tiny.cc/lvot9

    Thanks to Style.com, shopbop, coolspotters and RPLife and for the pictures

    P.S I've been insanely busy this week so i haven't been around to post. i'll be free this weekend to catch up with things and get some more posts up! I'm sad i won't be around for all the Oprah madness so i made sure to post tonight so i can catch up on Friday. Some more pictures will probably be added to this post on Friday so watch out for that.

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Kristen On Oprah

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