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Bella's Gas Cap stolen in Forks

    The Twilight series gave a boost in Forks, Washington's tourism that
    the number of visitors to Forks increased 19% from 2007-2008 due to the popularity of the Twilight books.

    Twilight fans all over the world came to Forks to visit the different Twilight locations mentioned in Stephenie Meyer's books.

    One of the most popular Twilight location is the Forks Visitor Center, where Bella's pickup truck is on display at the center.

    Recently, Mike Gurling, Forks Visitor Center office manager, discovered that the gas cap of Bella's truck have been missing. The Forks Chamber of Commerce officials think it was an overly-zealous fan who stole the gas cap.

    The Chamber heard rumors that the gas cap had been placed for auction on eBay but its no longer listed there. As of the moment, the chamber is not pursuing for the culprit. They just want to know the reason why the gas cap was stolen.

    Well, I think we all know the reason why. With the hype surrounding Twilight, everything and anything that is Twilight related means big bucks.

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Bella's Gas Cap stolen in Forks

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