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Rob & Kristen Mädchen Interview

    Rob's questions:

    1. How did you prepare yourself for the roll of a vampire?
    2. What do you and Edward have in common?
    3. What fascinates you about Edward?
    4. Which power do you want to possess?
    5. What was the biggest challenge?
    6. Would it have been easier to play an evil vampire?
    7. Which is your favorite character in Twilight?
    8. What was the funnies thing that happened while filming?
    9. Rob's greeting (first one was the outtake, the second one was the actual greeting)

    Kristen's questions:

    1. Did you expect Twilight to be this huge success?
    2. Did you get on well with Robert?
    4. Were you able to identify yourself with Bella?
    5. What can we look forward to in New Moon?

    Source: Maedchen.de

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Rob & Kristen Mädchen Interview

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