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Twilight in list of top 10 gaffe-ridden films of the year

    MovieMistakes.com has a list of the Top 10 movie mistakes of 2008 and Twilight came in at no. 4 with 45 mistakes.

    • Other: When Bella is in the hospital talking to Edward, he says that she 'hit her head pretty hard'. However, in the scene where Tyler's van nearly crushes Bella she does not actually hit her head at all.
    • Continuity: When Bella and Edward enter the restaurant she is wearing a jacket. Later it is said she left her jacket in her friend's car.
    • Continuity: After Edward saves Bella from being crushed by the van, while he is holding her, Bella's hair is outside of her jacket covering up her hood. When the shot changes her hair is tucked beneath the jacket and the hood is visible. When the shot changes back, her hair is covering up her hood.
    • Other: After Edward sparkles in the sun for the first time, and says the line, "This is the skin of a killer Bella," he leaves to go to another part of the forest. Bella then starts to follow him, but if you keep your eyes on Edward, he is still in view behind a tree.
    • Revealing: When Bella is driving the truck away after she says she's leaving Charlie to go to Phoenix; when Edward is going to get in the truck when he's on the side of it, you can tell its a stunt double. Click here to read more.

    The top 10 most mistake-ridden movies of 2008
    1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: 64 mistakes
    2. Mamma Mia!: 44 mistakes
    3. The Dark Knight: 43 mistakes
    4. Twilight: 41 mistakes
    5. High School Musical 3: Senior Year: 41 mistakes
    6. Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008): 31 mistakes
    7. Quantum of Solace: 23 mistakes
    8. Get Smart: 22 mistakes
    9. Step Brothers: 22 mistakes
    10. Iron Man: 21 mistakes

    Source: MovieMistakes.com

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Twilight in list of top 10 gaffe-ridden films of the year

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