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‘Eclipse’ Gets a Bloodthirsty New Director

    Larry Carroll, our favorite MTV blogger is back with his thoughts about the new director of "Eclipse", David Slade who directed "Hard Candy" and "30 Days of Nights."

    I’ve interviewed David Slade before, and he’s a very smart, charismatic guy who harnesses some immense filmmaking tools. That said, I definitely thought “30 Days of Night” was a disappointment. It had a lot of fatal flaws in it, usually whenever the blood would stop flowing and it was time for us to actually start caring about the characters. “Hard Candy” also flirted with moments of brilliance, but I still feel like Slade’s best work is ahead of him.

    What I am beginning to enjoy, however, is Summit’s decision to hire a different director for each film. Which is surprising, because I was definitely hoping that Catherine Hardwicke would oversee the entire series after the first “Twilight” became such a big hit. But if you’re a movie buff (and not just a Twilighter first and foremost), this is developing into a very interesting cinematic experiment.

    And whereas Weitz seems likely to try and play things closer to Hardwicke’s blueprint, Slade is the kind of proudly defiant filmmaker who will want to shake things up a bit. For better or worse, the end result is going to be a trilogy of films filtered through three very different lenses. Click here to read more.

    Source: MTV

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‘Eclipse’ Gets a Bloodthirsty New Director

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