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New Moon Set: Bella's Cliff Diving Scene

    Its confirmed that the outdoor pool is being used to shoot the cliff diving scene in New Moon. VanCityAllie was close enough to get really good pictures.

    This set is where they are filming the special effects green screen of Bella's Cliff Dive in La Push in New Moon. Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre, Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson were all filming at the secret outdoor pool location today (April 20).

    In this scene, Bella jumps off the cliff, a flash of Victoria is seen in the background, and Bella plunges into the ocean and sees Edward’s “face” underwater. She is then rescued by Jacob.

    The crew had set up a complex special effects scene at the public outdoor pool with a number of layered green screens set up high above the pool. They also used a number of cranes and rigs to help block out the direct sunlight (it was bright and hot today)."

    Security was tight again, and no once could see into the pool, but fans saw Taylor Lautner who came out to sign autogtaphs and take photos. When Amy and I got there, we saw Kristen Stewart walk into the pool set shielded by umbrellas from fans.

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    Source: VanCityAllie

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New Moon Set: Bella's Cliff Diving Scene

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