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More deatils about the Pool Set in Vancouver

    CoronaComingAttractions gives us more details about the pool set in Central Park Vancouver.

    The New Moon production continues to film in Vancouver. Fans of Twilight are constantly on the prowl for buzz as to where they might be able to spot stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Because there are so many exterior scenes to be filmed for New Moon, the Twilight-ers have been blessed with plenty of opportunities -- like for example, today.

    New Moon is filming second unit scenes at the Central Parfk Outdoor Swimming Pool. For those unfamiliar with the location, Central Park is a 90-hectare park on the border between Vancouver proper and the city of Burnaby. The New Moon production has taken over all of the pool area, setting up a complex construct that surrounds just a portion of the pool with a greenscreen. Perched and hanging 20 feet or so above the pool's surface there is a green-painted metal cargo container similar, if not exactly, like the ones used to transport goods on ships across oceans. The greenscreen walls close in around the container. A practical light with diffuser was being positioned to provide greater illumination of the area beneath the container. Click here to read more

    Source: CoronaComingAttractions

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More deatils about the Pool Set in Vancouver

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