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Stephenie Meyer Plagiarism law suit is a lie

    There have been rumors going around that Stephenie Meyer is being sued for Plagiarism which also halted the filming of New Moon. According to the Examiner, these rumors are false. Summit denied the rumors and filming for New Moon is still going.
    Summit Entertainment wants everyone to know that the rumor about Twilight author Stephanie Meyer being accused of plagiarism are not true.

    This rumor is completely ridiculous. Four books have been released and widely read, one movie is released and widely watched at theaters and was a huge success on DVD. Another movie is filming and another is still casting. Out of the clear blue sky comes an allegation of plagiarism? Please, get a grip. (For anyone who doesn't know what Plagiarism is, it is the theft of someone else's writing).

    Such a huge problem like this would of come to light years ago and nobody in Hollywood would of been able to hide it. It would of been on the cover of every entertainment section of every newspaper and magazine in the world.

    This movie is a go, there is no stopping it. What needs to stop are bloggers and other journalists who don't do their job, pick up a phone and ask a simple question. Then actually listen to the answer and report the truth and not something made up to grab some readers.

    "Tweens are the people this type of lie will hurt. "Tweens are waiting for this film and if they believe trash written by someone who doesn't know the first thing about Hollywood. The first thing about the movie industry, or even who to ask for information, it harms not only the person reading this trash, but the person who tries to write correct, verified information.

    Source: TheExaminer

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Stephenie Meyer Plagiarism law suit is a lie

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