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Kellan confident over New Moon

    There are so many expectations for the Twilight sequel New Moon especially after making almost $400 million worlwide. There were mixed reviews with Catherine Hardwicke's work with Twilight and there's so much at stake on the sequel. But in Kellan Lutz's recent interview with Press Association, he seemed very confident about the sequel and Chris Weitz's work.

    "We have an awesome cast, like the first one," he said. "I love the script. The book was a little slow for me at the beginning, but this script, I like it even better than Twilight."

    "It's really nice to have someone take the weight onto their shoulders, as the first movie, Twilight, was for us," Kellan said. "There's a lot of pressure on Chris. In the first week of rehearsals he had every question ready for an answer.

    "He's doing a great job and he has such a great eye for the CGI aspects, as he did with Golden Compass. It's needed a director who has talent with CGI because of all the werewolves." Click here to read from Press Association.

    Source: ThePressAssociation

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Kellan confident over New Moon

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