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Kristen BF “Insecure” Over Robert Pattinson

    Is Kristen Stewart's longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano starting to feel insecure about Rob Pattinson? Sources told E! Online that Michael hardly laughs off the rumors about Rob and Kristen. Well, who can blame him. The whole world is wishing for them to break up so that Kristen and Rob can finally get together. So, is this why Michael is trying to sport the Robert Pattinson scruffy look? The first time I saw this picture, I actually thought he was Rob. Anyway, just read Ted Casablanca's report on his so-called jealousy.
    “Michael is really insecure when it comes to Rob,” ‘fesses a pal close to the romance pentagon up north. We’re told Arangano hardly laughs off Robsten rumors.

    “Rob and Kristen would have to be very sneaky if they were dating. Everywhere [Kristen] goes, [Michael] now wants to go too. He’s extremely jealous. And let’s just say he’s been trying to be up in Vancouver a lot lately,” adds our Industry insider.

    So where does that leave Rob then, if there's a third wheel around?

    “By himself or with his publicist or manager, usually,” we’re told.

    Disclaimer here folks: When we said yesterday that Robert “f--ks who he wants,” we did not mean it necessarily in a man-whoring way. Doug Reinhardt he most decidedly is not. We love our Pattz! We simply meant that R will not go screw or date girls just because he’s told to do so...à la other Twilight-ites.

    We hear that Rob wanted to disprove that rumor so badly that he purposely tried to be photographed out with Kristen last week. Easier said than done. “He doesn’t want [Kristen] or anyone to think he’s dating Nikki.” Click here to read more.

    Source: E! Online

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Kristen BF “Insecure” Over Robert Pattinson

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