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Kristen Stewart keeps growing into bigger roles

    Kristen Stewart sat down with NJ.com and talked about Adventureland, Twilight and The Runaways.
    Q: There are a lot of movies about unhappy suburban teens, but "Adventureland" feels like the way 18-year-olds really think.

    A: Well, it's sort of Greg's story, so it's written from a very real, personal standpoint ... It deals with some things that have been touched on before, but nothing starts out cliche, or ends up glorified. It's not cheesy.

    Q: Are there a lot of cheesy scripts out there about people your age?

    A: There's a lot of material floating around that's sort of empty. And I can't really work on something like that. I can only be a part of something that feels like, if I don't bring this character to life she's going to die right there on the page.

    Q: Even with all the drama the characters in "Adventureland" are going through, there's a lot of humor, too, most of it coming from their crummy summer jobs. Could you relate to that?

    A: Well, I've had sort of different versions of crummy summer jobs. The thing is, I could never quit my crummy summer jobs. I was sort of stuck there (on the set), thinking, "Why am I here?''

    Q: Your first big job was "Panic Room." So you walk on and it's a David Fincher movie, and there's Jodie Foster. Were you intimidated? Or were you too young to be intimidated?

    A: I was an overly confident 10-year-old, I guess. I was aware enough to note how important the people I was working with were, but I was also kind of aware that I was just a kid and people don't expect anything from kids -- you know, just know your lines and stay in focus. So if I did anything remotely good, people would be really surprised and appreciative. That was kind of cool. But I like it so much better now. I like expectations.

    Q: You were very young then, but you seemed different than the other child actors. You had really short hair and this kind of edgy, skater grrrl vibe. Was that something you were consciously trying to do?

    A: I was never trying to present myself in a certain way, but there was definitely this side that people picked up on. I was so rejected from anything that was comic or light or frivolous. You know, it wasn't like, "No, I'm not going to do a Nickelodeon series, I'm going to do cool things!" It was more like, Nickelodeon was totally uninterested ... Which ended up being fine. The people who are really good at that stuff are entertainers. I am so not that.

    Click here to read the rest of the interview.

    Source: NJ.com

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Kristen Stewart keeps growing into bigger roles

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