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The Robert Pattinson Phenomenon

    Robert Pattinson is on the cover of Free Magazine's April issue. He talks about the Twilight phenomenon, the Twilight soundtrack and his Soho apartment in London.

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    Q: How do you feel about getting the role while they were casting so many actors? The fans of the book gathered 75.000 signatures so you won't play in the film. How did that make you feel?

    RP: When you go to an audition to take a part which many consider something like the perfect boy, you have to expect that people will see this with suspicion. I expected such reactions. They do not affect me particularly.

    Q: I believe there are many girls who'd wish to go to bed with you. How do you handle this?

    RP: I don't know. I never have enough time to stay somewhere. I almost never meet people apart from reporters. But it's really very weird that young people, 10 year old fellows come and tell me: "can you bite me?"

    Q: Speaking of biting who would like to bite the most?

    RP: I don't think I want to bite anyone. I don't like it.

    Q: Did you ever have lessons to manage your image? Your fans belong to the young –in terms of age- audience. Did anyone come to tell you how you should look like and behave?

    RP: Yes. They sent me to a centre to learn how to manage my image in the media. I found it stupid. Probably I can do whatever I want. because I play a vampire on the big screen. I was supposed to have the image of the bad guy. It's funny. I remember when I went there and started questions to which I was joking, everybody there was annoyed. They accused me that I resist in learning to manage my image in the media.

    Q: What's more important to you? To be an actor or musician?

    RP: Both are equally important. Of course I believe that I take them relatively seriously. I mean that for example I haven't written music for some time now, since I don't want to be one more actor who played in a big movie and he released an album after. I want to make a really good album, but in a time where there won't be comparison with acting. Now I'm rethinking about it, I take both very seriously.

    Q: What music do you want to make? Indie rock or folk?

    RP: Folky rock.

    Q: In the "Twilight" soundtrack you sing a song. Did the director asked you to write it for the film?

    RP: Well I had written this long time ago. A crew member gave it to the director and suddenly she put it in a scene, without me knowing about. At first I didn't recognized that it was my song. I was happy and I suggested to put it anonymously, but because of the marketing they didn't let me. It was the first song I recorded officially.

    Q: How was your life before getting the role of Edward in "Twilight"?

    RP: I had this excellent apartment last year in Soho, where you could go up to the terrace and see the brilliant view. I was playing music and tried to record stuff. But then I filmed Little Ashes in Spain and everything sort of changed. It was the first time I made a research about something. I haven't seen the film yet but whether it's good or bad, one thing is sure that it changed the way I perceive acting and made me more disciplined in the way I see scripts and what I can succeed in acting.

    Q: How did you pay for the big apartment in Soho?

    RP: It wasn't big. In fact it was the smallest you've ever seen and it was almost empty. It only had two garden chairs and nothing else. No carpet, no central heating, not even a bathroom. I had to go back to my parents house to take a shower. It was perfect though. I felt I was living with a very bohemian lifestyle. I was sad when I left it.

    Q: Why did you leave it?

    RP: Because with the renovations in London the rent went up to 5.000 pounds., and I was in America for a whole year for the filming of Twilight. I was practically paying for a house my friends were living in. So I left it.

    Q: Do you miss London?

    RP: Yes. Very much. I was there two days ago and I realized with surprise how much I miss it.

    Q: Where do you live now?

    RP: Nowhere.

    Q: You are a bohemian guy again?

    RP: In a way.

    Q: Are you looking forward to be a "vampire" for the next 10 years?

    RP: Yes. Although it cannot last for so long, simply because vampires do not age, so I won't be able to do it for more than 2 years. It will be ridiculous.

    Q: How many films have you signed in for?

    RP: For three. The filming of New Moon has already started.

    Q: What do you think makes people to be interested so much about vampires at this point?

    RP: I don't know. It's something like a domino phenomenon. Something becomes successful and suddenly everybody films scripts vampires related.

    Q: Do you like vampires?

    RP: Yes. Of course I don't understand those who say they are fans of everything that has to do with vampires. I liked the first Nosferatu and things like that.

    Q: Are you addicted to something?

    RP: I was very addicted to Van Morrison.

    Free Magazine April Issue TV Spot

    Source: Free Magazine

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The Robert Pattinson Phenomenon

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