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Bella's Jacket in Twilight has a 4-month waiting list

    According to NBC Los Angeles, the waiting period to buy the jacket that Kristen Stewart used in Twilight has a 4 month waiting list. And here I thought there's only a waiting list if you want to buy a Hermes Birkin bag.
    A teenage nation's addiction to the twisting drama and ridiculously sexy vampires in the book-turned-into-a-movie, Twilight, continues: As of Wednesday, Fred Flare started selling "The Bella Jacket," a hooded blue cotton jacket that actress Kristen Stewart (a.k.a. Bella) wore during the film as she frolicked with her dashing vampire boyfriend in the woods. As of today, according to nylonmag.com, that same jacket now has a waiting list.

    That's right, if you want to order the $64 jacket that will—somehow, we guess—get you that much closer to actually being a part of the Twilight experience, you'll have to put in your order and wait 'til ... wait for it ... August 15! (And that's just as of right now!) Click here to read more.

    Source: NBC Los Angeles

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Bella's Jacket in Twilight has a 4-month waiting list

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