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Twilight film shoot on Vancouver Island generates tidal wave of attention

    We all know that the set of New Moon is super top secret no has ever been able to find out where they are filming. Well maybe with the exemption of David Thompson secondary in Vancouver which was used as Forks highschool in New Moon. I mean, how can you go incognito if you're trying to film in a highschool where the general population is basically your target market.

    New Moon co-producer Bill Bannerman explains why they need to keep the location secret from the fans. Keven Drews who wrote the story about the New Moon shoot in the Westcoaster newspaper also tells his story on how they got so many web hits that their server crashed for an hour.

    "To preserve the content of the material you're trying to capture, with such a large fan base who know the nuances of the books so well, you have to go over-and-above ordinary means of protection," co-producer Bill Bannerman explained.

    "It's to give the director and the group the space they need to work," he said, adding the fan fervour is understandable.

    "It's the nature of the beast. They analyze and want to know, but you're building a film one shot at a time. So when people see only one piece of the puzzle, they might take it out of context. It only represents two per cent of the grander scheme."

    Bannerman, who has family on Vancouver Island, said there was a good reason the filmmakers chose to shoot scenes for New Moon (due Nov. 20) on our rugged west coast before they started principal photography in Vancouver.

    "We knew what we were looking for had to be extreme and close in proximity to Vancouver," said Bannerman, who came over with a downsized crew.

    "We needed those swells and sunset shots, aggressive waves and agitated water in a coastal region that reflects the Forks and La Push [Wash.] area."

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    Source: Vancouver Sun

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Twilight film shoot on Vancouver Island generates tidal wave of attention

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