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Top 5 Twilight Questions Surrounding New Moon

    The Deadbolt has an article about the 5 question surrounding New Moon. From the teaser trailer coming out on the blu-ray version of Twilight to New Moon co-stars falling in love. This article is really good and I'm hoping we'll get our answers soon.

    So what's the Twilight deal on New Moon in Italy?

    First let's start with what appeared in Variety back in February, that stated New Moon "will shoot in the ancient Tuscan city of Volterra in May for two weeks. In Stephenie Meyer's bestselling New Moon tome, Volterra is the town where the powerful Volturi vampire coven reside." A month later, a blog report hit the web from Italian film journalist Piera Detassis that strongly indicated that New Moon would be shot in the Italian town of Montepulciano instead of Volterra. Weeks later, reports surfaced that suggested New Moon would be filming in Montepulciano for only five days from May 25 to May 30, which Italian Twilight distributors denied. Still, headlines then appeared that pointed out how the denial didn't flat-out rule out Montepulciano as a location. Keep in mind, however, a month earlier in March, Italian Twilight distributors issued a statement that revealed no location was found for New Moon. And from start to finish, we still have Volterra and Montepulciano in play with shooting anywhere from two weeks to five days.

    So what's the Twilight deal on New Moon in Italy? Aside from all of the confirmations, "will," "will not," denials, and daily retractions, nothing yet. The Italian location for New Moon hasn't officially been confirmed. Hopefully Chris Weitz and Summit can use a bit of both towns since Volterra is making a plea to not be cut out of the Twilight mix and Montepulciano isn't that far away.

    After all of the hype about New Moon in Italy, what would be ironically bizarre is if the tower clock was actually filmed on a soundstage Vancouver.

    Why do the New Moon stars HAVE to be in love with each other?

    So, let's see if we can rake out the alleged, reported, supposed, and apparent romantic leaves on the set on New Moon in Vancouver. Now that the Twilight sequel New Moon is underway, with actor Robert Pattinson putting a quick end to the rumors that he's dating Kristen Stewart, headlines have it that Pattinson is allegedly dating New Moon actress Nikki Reed while co-star Kristen Stewart is supposedly getting closer to actor Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black in the Stephenie Meyer based Twilight sequel.

    In the last couple of weeks we've seen images appear online of the New Moon stars out on the town in Vancouver at various restaurants or simply walking together and hanging out. Does any of it mean that the New Moon stars are going out with each other? Well, it may depend on whether you believe that simply being outside is proof that you're having an affair with the 10 strangers standing next to you at the intersection. Who knows? Are photos, unnamed sources, and eye witness accounts romantic fantasy or romanticized reality?

    What can we expect from the New Moon teaser trailer?
    So the first teaser trailer for New Moon will be included on the upcoming May 5 Amazon release of Twilight Blu-Ray Ultimate Collector's Set. Now that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the New Moon cast is currently on-set in Vancouver, just three weeks into New Moon, what can we expect from the first teaser? Well, I could be wrong on this (and if so, c'est la vie), but I'm guessing not a lot. I remember being let down big time by Jurassic Park III when the first teaser simply featured a dino-roar and claw marks on the screen. I mean, think back to Wolverine's three "sniktity" claw marks as the first teaser for X3, later X-Men: The Last Stand. Both of those were clear examples of a "teaser." Although anything is possible in the world of New Moon magic, a month and a half doesn't feel like enough time to cut anything meaningful other than cobbled together raw footage set to music. How about a montage of a few ambiguous stills that fade into the already released New Moon logo? Maybe. Maybe it will be imagery for the first official poster. My guy feeling is that something more generic has already been put together with room to include something new before the Blu-Ray release. I don't know.

    But ...

    The BD Live feature on the Blu-Ray allows for the trailer to be uploaded to the disc, which certainly bypasses the traditional deadline based method of including teaser trailers in the first press process of DVDs. If the teaser hasn't already been made - ie: it wouldn't be hard to have voice over and narration set to a black screen and the New Moon logo fade in - the BD Live buys the production more time to work on something more substantial between now and the first week of May. Either way, I'm curious to see if it lives up to the hype and the New Moon teaser proves me wrong.

    Source: Deadbolt

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Top 5 Twilight Questions Surrounding New Moon

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