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Glamour Spain Interview of Rob Pattinson

    Glamour Spain has a new interview with Robert Pattinson. He talks about his teenage years, his sudden rise to fame and his ex-girlfirend. The article was translated in english by Twilight Poison.
    They say this British guy started to work in the industry because he wanted to meet girls. What he didn’t know is that his life was going to change forever once he got cast as the teenage vampire Edward Cullen, heroe to millions of teenagers thanks to the famous Twilgiht saga written by Stephenie Meyer. We’re in the city of Los Angeles and we speak with this peculiar actor that will become our Salvador Dali very soon.

    Does Twilight remind you of your real life and high school, when two people are attracted to each other with such energy?
    Yes, although I had really bad luck with girls, the ones I liked hated me and the ones that liked me were not my type. But that’s something that I still go through, I like girls that I shouldn’t like. But I’m learning and now I take my time before I let the girl know.

    Do you believe in obsessive love?
    Yes, but only from a girl’s point of view. I don’t think men are like that. Not many men read Stephenie Meyer books anyway.

    You’re right. That’s what I was going to ask you. Do you believe this story was tailor made for young girls?
    Yes, it’s so weird and funny. Afte reading the books I’ve been asking myself why do women act like that, why do they behave like that, especially younger girls. They turn into freaks when it comes to boys. I like nomal girls who don’t pretend to be anything else.

    Would like to live forever?
    No, although it does have its advantages.

    Do you understand the attraction and mystery around vampires?
    I’ve never been insterested in vampires, although I understand why they’re so appealing to some people.

    How are you handling being the new It Boy, being in so many covers of magazines now all over the world?
    I don’t mind, my character is so good and he deserves to be admired. From the moment I signed up for this I knew what I was getting myself into. Edward is a vampire, he’s not a hero like Superman, he’s a vampire in love who wants to be normal.

    It took him 90 years for him to find love. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    That’s so boring! I think we all have the right to fall in love several times. The conventional idea of love, the idea of being with somebody for the rest of your life and love her forever sounds so silly to me, and so unrealistic. I think you can love ten people at the same time (laughs).

    What are your bigest passions?
    I’m boring. I like reading, watching movies and playing the piano.

    People say you’ll leave Orlando Bloom without work pretty soon…
    I don’t think this will happen to me. I don’t want to lose control of my life, I don’t care how much money I’m offered. Well, I’m kidding, actually. Because if I had massive ammounts of money and success, I’d still reach for the same goals and I’d be able to hide better. (TwilightPoison note: his answer sounds very strange, we think he missunderstood the question, or the interviewer’s question was not formulated properly, because it sounds like he thought the interviewer was saying that he’d be the next Orlando Bloom and not find a job after having so much success, not that he would leave Orlando with no other roles. Oh Rob… it was probably not your fault lol.)

    What would you be capable of doing for love?
    I don’t know, climb a mountain?

    Would it scare you to fall in love like the characters in Twilight?
    Yes, because it’s an obsessive love, a sick love. When you fall in love and you lose yourself like that. Imagine falling in love like that!

    Do you get hit on by difficult women?
    I’m crazy about independent women who don’t require too much attention.

    Have you ever used the phrase “I’m an actor” as a pick up line?
    Not, that phrase doesn’t wok here in LA - everybody is an actor here.

    Are you planning on going to college?
    Yes, but I’m planning on taking it slowly, probably when I’m 28. As an actor you have to take advantage of the opportunities you get and not letting them pass by.

    How did you feel at 17?
    I felt increadibly awkward all the time. I’ve always been a very edgy person, especially in those years that I didn’t find my place, everything scared me. I just started reading again my journals from when I was 17….

    Do you talk about love in them?
    Actually, no. I’ve only been attracted to two women in my whole life.

    Do you remember the first time you loved someone?
    Yes. It’s weird to enjoy your first love, especially if the relationship lasts a long time. Our relationship was really beautiful, but we didn’t have an obsessive love like in the movie. Her presence in my life made me very happy for three years. Now it’s kind of hard to talk about it.

    Tell me about that hair…
    I always have weird hair: Harry Potter, this one and Dali.

    Source: Twilight Poison

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Glamour Spain Interview of Rob Pattinson

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