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How New Moon's flittering images of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen might work

    As we all know, Edward leaves Bella in New Moon to keep her safe from danger. However, this means less screen time for Rob Pattinson which fans such as myself don't like. But according to the cast of New Moon, Melissa Rosenberg found a way to give Rob more screen time. And how is she planning to do it? By giving us flittering images of Edward.

    Amanda Bell of the Examiner has a really good article on how to properly excute Edward Cullen's flittering images in New Moon without ruining the anticipation of Edward's return.

    There are a number of possibilities. For starters, we know that Bella (Kristen Stewart) is expected to experience hallucinations throughout the whole film. Resulting as a consequence of her thrill-seeking behavior, Bella is to resort to dangerous tasks in order to summon up an audio memory of her beloved Edward's warning and protective voice. Perhaps, the director will use this opportunity to present these visions of Edward. Instead of a voice, they might present a vision of him. Or, maybe, alongside the voice, Bella could remember those piercing gold eyes or that crooked smile we all love.

    Another way, of course, is to show Edward experiencing his hell in South American absence of Bella, a fact of whch book-readers were not aware in the first read-through of New Moon. While some say that this would deprive the movie-viewer of some of the power of New Moon, if done appropriately, perhaps some of the book could be preserved still. For instance, if we saw Edward in motion in South America, but did not know of his misery (i.e., by keeping him busy, or by not revealing long scenes of him there), perhaps the mystery and suspense, too, would be saved.

    A third possibility would, of course, be with dream sequences or simple memories, not associated with known aspects of the book. One idea would be for Bella to remember Edward of her own accord, without the danger-stimuli, on various occasions throughout her suffering. This could actually be done fairly artistically, if, say, those images were to shorten and become fewer and farther between as her relationship with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) grows throughout the story. Done improperly, though, this could lead to deviance of too lengthy a measure from the novel, which would, of course, defeat the purpose. Click here to read more.

    Source: TheExaminer

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How New Moon's flittering images of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen might work

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