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10 Ways to Turn ‘New Moon’ Into an Awesome Movie

    BuddyTV has a list of 10 Ways to Turn ‘New Moon’ Into an Awesome Movie
    4. The proposal.

    This is the one moment that can make this movie the New Moon of our dreams. Although Edward is just telling Bella he will only turn her into a vampire if she marries him first, the sentiments are very real. He’s just caused her an immense amount of pain by leaving her and his redemption must be more than sweet. The vampire / marriage discussion is paramount to the way viewers will feel about Edward and Bella by the end of the movie.

    3. Werewolf action.

    The werewolves are coming out in full force and they need to “bring it.” The more we learn about how awesome they are, the better the build up will be for Eclipse. Plus, the scene where the werewolves save Bella from Laurent will be the only piece of pure action in New Moon. The more it can be played up for excitement purposes, the better.

    2. The Volturi are straight from a horror film.

    The scene with the Volturi needs to be terrifying. There’s a whole lot of talking and scheming but the truth is that the Volturi are extremely dangerous and Bella, Alice, and Edward come very close to being killed. The need to look creepy and be the types of images that might give us nightmares. We need to see the power behind them and feel the threat they impose

    1. Robert Pattinson

    This one is kind of obvious but really important. I’m sure the script has been written in one way or another to give Robert Pattinson plenty of screen time. However, this needs to be done in a way that stays true to the story that Stephenie Meyer told in New Moon. We know that Edward struggles with his existence without Bella and we know he struggles with his decision. Seeing that will be nice but like Bella, it can’t go over the top. Seeing Edward/ Robert Pattinson in happier moments is a must. Plus, more Robert Pattinson would make any movie a little bit better.

    Source: BuddyTV

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10 Ways to Turn ‘New Moon’ Into an Awesome Movie

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