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Fan reactions to the Philippine remake of Twilight

    So when I heard the news, the first thing I did was get the fan reactions from various fansites, just to see if they are stoked on the idea of somebody else playing Edward. I came across a couple of fan reactions from the live journal Lion_lamb and here's what I found:

    mayumicullen : Ok..I can only imagine Twilight as anime/manga...but into a tv show? Are you for real? Are you out of your mind?

    gangsterdorothy : First they get Haagen-Daz Twilight ice cream.Now, a TV show...lol.

    tragicx01 : I'm Filipino and this shit embarrasses the fuck outta me. I HATE the guy that's playing Edward. He is fug ass fuck. My brother and I seriously make fun of this guy every time we see him in Filipino programs. PLS TELL ME THIS IS A JOKE BB!!

    sharmaine72 : WTH?! Ok, I'm proud to be a Filipino and all, but what is this fuckery? Everyone is so desperate to try and make money off of our franchise; it's sickening.These actors are famous in the Philippines and whatever, but NO ONE can compare to RPattz and KStew. Seriously. What a joke.

    trinity_lives : Lord, I hope Stephenie didn't give her permission for this. And if she didn't, I hope she takes serious legal action. If she did, she needs to be smacked upside the head.Part of me wants to see it, just for the lol-factor, and the other part is saying "please god, please make it stop."

    So Twilight fans, should we allow this mockery of our favorite film and book to happen? It looks like filming hasn't started yet and people are already tearing it down to pieces. I don't have an opinion about this right now. As of the moment, I'm Switzerland. I just want to see how it goes.

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Fan reactions to the Philippine remake of Twilight

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