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Addictionary Word of the Day: Pattronize

    Today's Celebrity Addictionary word of the day is Pattronize. You could look it up. It's a verb that means "to humor one's Twilight-obsessed friends" who are all gaga over grungy-hunk, sensitive-vampire-dude Robert Pattinson.

    Hypothetically, we might be tempted to say something like "Twilight is a cheese-rageous bit of campy fluff designed to fleece tween girls of their allowance money." But because we're wary of raising the vamp ire of all the fanggirls out there, instead we say something like "It's a fun little preteen, chick-flick thrill ride." Did that sound Pattronizing? Oh, we didn't mean it that way.

    Source: EOnline

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Addictionary Word of the Day: Pattronize

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