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Life&Style: Twilight in Trouble?

    Life&Style has another Twilight cover for their magazine. And I believe this is the third time in the last 2 months that they used Twilight stars as the cover. Talk about overkill. The first one was, Twilight Romance, the second one was Twilight Love Triangle and now , its Twilight in Trouble. Some tabloids would do anything to sell. Read the article below.

    "Since raking in more than $150 million at the box office during its first month, the vampire romance Twilight has catapulted its cast from relative obscurity to stardom. Now, about nine weeks before the sequel, New Moon, is set to start filming, a change in director, possible cast upheaval, lofty expectations and cast members' problems dealing with sudden fame have everyone on edge. "There's been a lot of tension surrounding the sequel," says a cast insider. "It's a stressful time for them right now."

    Some of the stars appear to be dealing with the pressure by hitting the party circuit -- to such a degree that it could be affecting their work. Robert Pattinson, 22, who stars as brooding vampire Edward Cullen, is known for his rugged bad-boy image. But after a long night at Teddy's in Hollywood recently, he was especially disheveled for a business meeting about his latest film project, Parts Per Billion. "At least one person at the meeting noted that Rob looked a little worse for wear," reveals an insider close to the actor's camp.

    And his leading lady, Kristen Stewart, 18, who plays mortal Bella Swan, has her own way of coping with the attention. "It's no secret that Kristen likes to unwind by smoking pot," says the cast insider."

    Source: Life&Style

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Life&Style: Twilight in Trouble?

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