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Erratum on 'Twilight' remake

    To borrow the words from Edward Cullen, "This is the blackest form of blasphemy". ABS-CBN posted this erratum on their website today, claiming that the duty editor who posted the story about a Twilight remake in the Philippines failed to check with ABS-CBN. The said article was posted on the ABS-CBN news website before PerezHilton.com or Yehey.com reported the rumor. A news website is suppose must be based on facts and not theories. If this said editor "failed to check if the story is accurate", then he/she shouldn't even be called an editor. What's really disappointing is the fact that ABS-CBN tried to take adavntage of the hype sorrounding Twilight. There is a saying, "any publicity" is "good publicity". And they got good publicity at Twilight's expense. Maybe the Twilight fans over reacted when we made a big deal about this remake before. But when you start making rumors of a remake just to jump in to the Twilight hype for publicity, then yes, its a big deal. If the studio's news website can't even get their facts straight, just imagine what will happen to our beloved book if they actually did the remake. But that's just my opinion. Anyway, you can read the article below.

    On December 24, abs-cbnNEWS.com uploaded a story, "ABS-CBN bags rights for local 'Twilight' remake". The source of the story was a report by entertainment writer Edgar Cruz posted on yehey.com.

    The duty editor who uploaded the story failed to check with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. whether the story was correct and accurate.

    ABS-CBN Corp. Communications head Bong Osorio has since denied that the company will do a local remake of the movie, Twilight.

    abs-cbnNEWS.com thus decided to remove the article from our website.

    Our apologies. -- Eds.

    Source: ABS-CBNnews.com

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Erratum on 'Twilight' remake

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