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Bravo Magazine chat with Rob and Kristen

    Photo Credit: Pattinson Online
    Source: Pattinson Online

    "Alice3: Rob, are you really shy?
    Rob: Yes, I am indeed.

    bron: lion_lamb
    RobandKristen: Hello everyone.
    RobandKristen: We are happy to be here.

    AntiNessie: Kristen, do you and Bella have some characteristics in common?
    Kristen: I trust my instincts like she does. If something isn’t right I feel it. But if something feels good I go for it.

    VanessaEC: Is this Roberts’ and Kristen’s first visit to Germany?
    Kristen: It is my first visit to Germany
    Rob: I have been to Berlin a couple of times.

    sheryn: What is your favorite scene in Twilight?
    Kristen: I love the meadow scene.
    Rob: Mine is the hospital scene.

    Colorful: Which rumor would you like to clear up for good?
    Rob: None, really. "

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Bravo Magazine chat with Rob and Kristen

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