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Chris Weitz To Direct Twilight Sequel; Risks Alienating Another Literary Cult

    The New York Observer has an article about Chris Weitz and his book-to-screen adaptation skills. Read Below:

    "It's true that Mr. Weitz has been involved with several adaptions. He was nominated for an Oscar in 2002 (along with his brother, Paul, and writer Peter Hedges) for the adaptation of Nick Hornby's About a Boy. At the time, some felt that the movie was nominated by mistake: Fox News' Roger Friedman speculated that, "Academy voters got confused between About Schmidt and About a Boy when they were picking Best Adapted Screenplay nominees?" While not an adaptation, Mr. Weitz's co-directorial debut, American Pie, was in its own way a cinematic tribute to Philip Roth, seeing as how co-star Jason Bigg's ode to the love that dare not bake its name was a lot closer to the spirit of Mr. Roth's Alexander Portnoy than Richard Benjamin's whiny portrayal of the character in Ernest Lehman's 1972 adaptation.

    Mr. Weitz's biggest—and most controversial—adaptation came last year when he directed a film based on another beloved fantasy book series, Philip Pullman's Golden Compass. For his efforts on that film, Mr. Weitz was criticized by fans and taken to task in a pointed Atlantic article from December 2007 by Hanna Rosin.

    The article, headlined How Hollywood Saved God, detailed the challenges of adapting a book that has such an intense, protective group of fans and that's laced with the sort of anti-regilous sentiment Hollywood fears handling. "
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    SOURCE: The New York Observer

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Chris Weitz To Direct Twilight Sequel; Risks Alienating Another Literary Cult

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