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Fanbolt Interview with Peter

    Fanbolt has an interview with Peter Facinelli.

    Did you actually bite Rob? And was that weird at all for you?

    Peter: I did sink my teeth into Robert, but it wasn't weird. I was coming from a place of a vampire. It wasn't like I was kissing his neck (laughs). Rob and I actually talked about that scene in particular. How it happened, and how it went down. I thought it was interesting to whisper something to him before, and in the movie they kept that... and then I bit him. And no one will ever know what I whispered to him which I thought was really cool. It's between me and Rob.

    Inside secret?

    Peter: Yeah. I whispered sweet nothings in his ear. Then I bit him (laughs).

    Have you heard anything from the studio about New Moon? Or is there anything you can tell us about it?

    Peter: I haven't. Right now, I'm just waiting for a script to see how close it is to the book. I thought they did a good job condensing the book into the movie in the first one.

    You can read rest of the interview here.

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Fanbolt Interview with Peter

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