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Kristen Stewart reveals why Robert Pattinson is sexy

    Kristen Stewart has the best job in the world.

    Kristen is going to be kissing Robert Pattinson for the next two years at least as they film two more Twilight movies.

    Millions of girls would like to swap places with her and lock lips with Edward Cullen instead.

    Kristen has revealed what makes vampires like Robert's character so sexy.
    She says: "I think it's because they are classically meant to draw you in to the point where they have you in a complete submitting state so they can then kill you!

    "So that's sexy a little bit - to give yourself to something - to completely let something take over you. It's like the forbidden fruit. It's something you can't have so you just want more."

    The 18-year-old also talked about the instant attraction between Bella and Edward.
    Kristen said: "It's not like they get to know each other and they think – h e is really cool and she is really great and they have so much in common. It is an instant chemical reaction.

    "Like she walks in the classroom and he smells her for the first time. And can't take it. He's like crushing the table. Most girls would want to crawl under the table and die and she's sort of like – she has to know what it is. It's this chemical thing that is going on. It doesn't exist in the real world."

    Photo Credit: WENN
    Source: myparkmag.co.uk

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Kristen Stewart reveals why Robert Pattinson is sexy

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